Lego Mural

Lego Mural

Under the supervision of Andy Jones, Assistant Professor of Art, three ECSU student artists, Thomas Pinnix – Mural Coordinator, Peter Fitzgerald – Design Coordinator, and Dylan Hayn – Painter, completed a large scale mural project at the world renowned LEGO Company in Enfield, Connecticut.

As quoted in a letter to Professor Jones from LEGO’s Vice President of Logistics, Bali Padda, “Bringing the Outdoors Inside, celebrates LEGO values and is a complete success!” He went on to say, “Congratulations on your creativity and collective energies in designing and transforming an otherwise blank wall in our production department into a dynamic and symbolic display of LEGO values and the much requested outdoors theme. The challenge has produced an enduring legacy for our employees to enjoy for many years to come.”

This mural internship project is the Visual Arts Department’s first collaboration with LEGO Systems, Inc.

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