Biography – Anne Dawson

Anne Dawson

Anne Dawson is Professor of Art History and Chair of the Visual Arts Department at Eastern Connecticut State University. She earned her MA and Ph.D. in Art History from Brown University. She has curated exhibitions for galleries and museums nationally and published articles and exhibition catalogues on early twentieth-century American and Contemporary art.

Dr. Dawson is the author and guest curator for Idol of the Moderns, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and American Painting (San Diego Museum of Art, 2002) and a contributing author for European Muses, American Masters 1870-1950 (Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine, 2004). In addition to late nineteenth and early twentieth-century French and American art, she has a special interest in women and the visual arts and has designed courses, curated exhibitions and delivered papers on this topic.

She is currently conducting research for a text and exhibition on J. Alden Weir and American Impressionism in Eastern Connecticut: 1882-1919. The Weir show is scheduled to open at the Lyman Allyn Museum in March 2016. For more information see