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Engaging Space / Liriodendron

Engaging Space
consists an installation of multiple ranks sheets of semi-transparent plastic of very light weight and thickness. The overall installation which extends to fill the length and width of the Atrium in its configuration defines the space as well as interacts with the environmental conditions and the vicissitudes of light and air currents.

The dimensions and configuration of the individual plastic curtains invite multiple interpretations. They are flag-like, yet in the absence of identifying marking or color they suggest a transcendence of nationalism towards a common unifying human identity. They are like the sails of ships, calling to mind New London’s maritime heritage. The curtains are subject to ambient light and air currents causing them to move, movement that is reminiscent of the motion of water, re-enforcing our relationship to the nearby ocean.

In addition to its sculptural elements Engaging Space incorporates music as well in the form of the music/sound installation created by Joseph Butch Rovan. His piece Liriodendron is both interpretation of and response to the physical space of the atrium. However, this extraordinary sound experiences draws directly from the environment found at the Arboretum of nearby Connecticut College. In fact Liriodendron is also the name of a particular species of tree found there.

The ultimate effect is to focus attention to space and invite reflection upon and appreciation of our relationship to its ubiquitous yet integral presence.

Mark Gerard McKee:

Liriodendron, an 8-channel interactive sound installationThe Liriodendron Tulipiferis, or “Tulip Tree,” is a species known for its long straight trunk, distinctive foliage, and flowering canopy. The tree is not only beautiful but also functional, having been favored by shipbuilders in the 18th and 19th centuries for its use in the making of ships’ masts.

There is a stand of ancient liriodendron in the Connecticut College arboretum, astonishing for both their height and their graceful elegance. Watching the subtle movement of their high branches reminded me of the gently swaying forms of Mark McKee’s Engaging Space, and so I created this sound piece as a kind of musical response to his work.

All the sounds in this piece, then, come from the arboretum. The right front entry gate on Williams Street features, as a centerpiece, a decorative liriodendron leaf in wrought iron. Striking the gate, and listening through the leaf’s vibrating form, I discovered the gamelan-like resonances featured here, which suggest to me both the lyricism of the tree’s name and its mysterious past.

By walking through the atrium, listeners will be able to “play” this piece as well. Liriodendron reacts to their movement by offering up a series of high rhythmic melodies, like the tree’s high canopy, that rise to the building’s upper reaches.

Joseph Butch

The Atrium, at HARRIS PLACE
165 State Street, New London, Connecticut

Opening Reception:  5:00 – 7:00 PM
Saturday, September 27, 2014
September 27 2014 – March 31, 2015
A temporary multidisciplinary art installation


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International Contemporary Artist Space Show Opening ‘INK Platter”

International Contemporary Art Space [ICAS] is hosting four native Chinese artists for its September exhibition titled “Ink Platter”.  The four artists that are featured include:
Deng Shihua, Wang Huanbo, Su Yohui, Zhao Qin
All four artists have become largely engaged with depicting what can be considered mundane aspects of our natural world and reinventing these symbols to depict sublime landscapes. In effect, the artists have varying visions in depicting China’s mountainous and vast terrains as well as the landscapes they encounter locally in Connecticut during their month long artist residency.
Deng Shi Hua is originally from Luzhou, Sichuan, China. Shi Hua attended Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts during the 1980s and has since become a profound member of China’s contemporary art scene. He is featured in several publications, including: The Taste of Art: Deng Shi Hua, Hong Zi: A Collection of Deng Shi Hua Landscape Paintings, and Contemporary Landscape Artists Portfolio: Thirty Years, Thirty Artists. This year, he has been featured in Liang Bao Lou Art Museum showing of ‘Ink Westbound’.
Wang Huanbo began his studies as an artist in his home province at Shandong Normal University and pursued graduate studies at the Chinese Academy of Arts. Following his graduate studies, Huanbo feverishly studied painting landscapes from life under Li Keran. Huanbo is an internationally known artist, exhibiting in Austrailia, France, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.
Suyou Hui background includes studies in arts and crafts painting and calligraphy. He is a student of Li Keran as well, focusing on the traditional approach to painting landscapes by being enveloped by China’s mountainscapes. He is a member of China’s Ministry of Culture, the Youth Federation Art Committee and a has been awarded the title of distinguished artist by the Painting and Calligraphy Institute.
Zhao Qin studied in his hometown of Nanjing and the Nanjing Institute of Arts and received his graduate degree from Nanjing University. Furthermore, he pursued his studies at Kingston University in London, UK. He enjoys teaching, and is an associate professor at the China Academy of Art University. He has been awarded the title of distinguished painter in the Jiangsu Province.
A gallery opening will take place at 74 State Street, New London, CT 06320. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, September, 27th from 6:00-8:00 pm.This Event will be part of New London’s Create Here Now Storefronts Opening event taking place that day and is free and open to the public with complimentary refreshments. Currently Gallery hours are by appointment only. For more information or to set up an appointment contact us either via email at or call our Gallery Director Clint Slowik (860) 428-4903 or Artistic Director Qimin Liu (860) 237-1081. Also visit or the ICAS and LQM Gallery Facebook page at for updates about this and future events, workshops and exhibitions.
Opening Date: September 27th, 2014; 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: 74 State St., New London, CT 06320
Contact: Clint Slowik (860) 501-9024
Qimin Liu (860) 237-1081
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Bioperversity-Drawings by Jane Rainwater

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Journey: An Artistic Dialogue

International Contemporary Artist Space & LQM Gallery would like to invite you to join us for Grand Opening at our new location and the opening of our August resident artist show titled “Journey: An Artistic Dialogue.” This show will feature 11 prominent Chinese resident artists and 1 curator visiting us during the month of August. It will include complimentary refreshments, live music, and we will be joined by a selection of distinguished contemporary American artists as well.

 Our residents will include the following:

  •  Yang Songlin; Executive Director of China Oil Painting Society President of Shandong Oil Painting Society
  • Lin Junjuan; Coordinator of Shandong Artist Association Delegation Director and Curator of Shandong Oil Painting Association Office
  • Chen Guoli; Coordinator of Shandong Artist Association Delegation Director of China Oil Painting Society Vice President of Shandong Oil Painting Society
  • Chen Jianhua; Professor of Shandong University of Arts
  • Guan Puxue; Professor of Shandong University of Arts Kong Xinmiao; President of Fine Arts department of Shandong Normal University
  • Song Qiming; Professor of Shandong University of Arts
  • Wang Yuping; Professor of Shandong University of Arts
  • Zhong Jikun; Senior painter of Shandong Painting Academy
  • Zhang Ping; Professor of Fine Arts department of Shandong Normal University
  • Zhou Weihua; Professor of Fine Arts department of University of Jinan
  • Zhang Zhiqiang; Professor of Fine Arts department of Shandong Jianzhu University

‘Journey: An Artistic Dialogue’ is a demonstration of artistic evolution and vitality. The peaceable coexistence between the world’s inhabitants and its known destructive forces briefly describes the International Contemporary Art Space’s [ICAS] newest gallery showing titled ‘Journey: An Artistic Dialogue’. Themes range from controversial sociopolitical topics to the personification of abstract components in nature.

In conjunction with this show we will be hosting a private artist discussion panel at another time featuring our resident artists, a number of local artists and directors, as well as a number of prominent keynote panelists such as Vincent Desiderio, Mel Leipzig, Barkley Hendricks, Susanna Coffey, Fred Osborne, and Salvatore Scalora who may also be joining us for our Grand Opening.

The opening will be held on Saturday August 23rd starting at 6pm and going until 8:30pm. The location of the event will be at our new location as follows: ICAS & LQM Gallery 74 State Street New London, CT 06320

This event is free and open to the public with complementary refreshments as well as live music. The show will run from the 23rd until the end of August. If at all possible, we would greatly appreciate it if you could help us spread the word of this show and grand opening to make this event a great and successful gathering of artists and art enthusiasts both locally and abroad.

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Muriel Miller Landscapes in Plein Air

Landscapes in Plein Air
ArtSpace Gallery Windham
480 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226
September 5, 2014-September 27, 2014
Opening Reception:  Friday, September 5, 2014
Open Saturdays 1-4 PM Sept/. 6. 13, 20, and 27
5:00 – 8:00 PM or by appointment
Info, 860-455-9918
Parking at Windham Mills in ArtSpace designated spaces only or on Street.


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Visual Arts Senior Exhibition 2014

ECSU Visual Arts Senior Show 2014

TBD/To Be Determined is the Visual Arts Department’s Senior Exhibition 2014. TBD is being exhibited at the Akus Gallery in Shafer Hall from May 2–16, 2014.

Artist in the exhibition: Kara Berglund, David Bieniarz, Jennifer Biron, Wendy Bouton, Mary Boyd, Christina Broccoli, Cory Carabetta, Laura Cardeno, Emily Chubet, Daniel Clesowich, Bridget Cook, Margaret Gradie, Braden Herrick, Lauren Hopper, Rebecca Ingoglia, Rikki Jarvis, Lesia Kerr, Samuel Kesler, Solinda Keth, Colleen King, Michael King, Jessie Kohn, Kaleigh Kurpiewski, Brad Labonte, Lindsay Lachance, Diane Leonard, Hannah Lewis, Cassandra Marion, Samantha McGeowan, Jessica Michalowski, Samantha Mims, Melissa Nosal, Trinda Pacheco, Rebecca Plungis, Olivia Provey, Alyssa Reilly, Nicole Romeo, Richard Schaff, Roshelle Shannon, Miranda Slobe, Kelly Stalsburg, Jacueline Tromp, Lucero Vargas, Julie Vega.

There is an Awards Ceremony and Reception on Friday, May 2nd from 3–4 pm in the Akus Gallery. The Gallery is open from 3–6 pm on Friday, May 2nd for viewing. The Ceremony and Reception is free and open to the public.

Akus Gallery hours and information can be found at this link.

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“Metanoia” by Richard Harden at the Clare Gallery


Richard Harden painting

The Clare Gallery’s exhibition, Metanoia, is free and open to the public and extends from March 20 – May 4, 2014.
 A reception and artist lecture will be held on April 24th from 5:30–7:30 p.m. At the reception, artist Richard Harden will discuss his undying search for universal meaning and imagery in the struggles and resurrection of the human condition.

The title of the exhibition, Metanoia, refers to a transformative change of heart. The term’s origin is Greek, from “metanoiein,” meaning to change one’s mind, or repent. Transformation has always been primary to the conceptual nature of Harden’s work, and his paintings allow us to reflect on our lives and the lives of others.

In this series, Harden explores flowers and hair in varied states of binding and unbinding. There are reflected surfaces along with abstracted space; fragile beauty irradiated by dramatic explosions. The colors are intensely saturated, as well as deeply dark, yielding the juxtaposition of opposing emotion.

Please enjoy the great article in the Hartford Courant here.

The Clare Gallery is housed in the Franciscan Center for Urban Ministry at 285 Church Street. The Center is part of St. Patrick – St. Anthony Church, a vibrant and active downtown faith community. Free parking is available directly across from the church, and the facility is handicapped accessible. More information may be found the Clare Gallery website.

Professor Nancy Wynn curated this exhibition for the Clare Gallery in Hartford, Connecticut. She is also Assistant Professor of Digital Art and Design.

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Student Profile: Jessie Kohn ’14

Jessie Kohn

Jessie Kohn, Digital Art and Design, 2014
Jessie Kohn printable pdf

Some key factors in my decision to go to Eastern were its small size, proximity to home, and its affordability. Already having been familiar with Eastern and its programs through my brother, I knew it would offer a great experience for me too.

I chose Visual Arts as my major because Art has always been my passion. Getting my bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts was the next step in realizing my dream towards making Art my profession.

I remember taking a wood sculpture class with Professor Claudia Widdis. Having had no prior wood construction experience, I would have never thought I’d be able to think creatively with that type of media. The class helped me be a more well-rounded artist and served as a great complement to digital design—after all 3D digital design stems from real world 3D design!

I feel my Visual Arts education prepared me for my discipline. In my field (Digital Design), for instance, I feel that I’ve gained the necessary amount of knowledge to be able to able to start my career and then build on the base as I move forward.

Just like I’d hoped when I chose Eastern, the one-on-one time that Eastern’s faculty has shared with me was vital to my learning success. It helped tremendously that each faculty was a professional artist themselves. I was able to ask them about procedures in the “real world” and they gave me valid answers, not just theoretical ones. Faculty members also bent over backwards to help me outside of the class room, such as with letters of recommendations.

Even though as a graduating senior I won’t be able to take advantage of the new art facilities, I am proud to have been taught by the faculty that will become the core of those facilities. I am excited to see Eastern move towards new and greater horizons in the arts, as they are well deserving of Eastern’s center stage.

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Student Profile: Olivia Provey ’14

Olivia Provey

Olivia Provey, Printmaking, 2014
Olivi Provey Printable pdf

I chose to go to Eastern because it was affordable for me as well close enough to home to visit on the weekends. However, I also loved Eastern’s campus and was drawn to Willimantic’s distinct character with its Victorian houses and sidewalks throughout the town.

I chose to be a Visual Arts major because of my lifetime passion for creating art.
I could not imagine myself studying anything else.

I think the greatest thing I found at Eastern in the Visual Arts Department was the friendships I made. Being in a studio setting with a small group of students sharing a love for art gave a sense of community and an opportunity to help each other grow, push ourselves and share ideas while laughing the entire time!

I believe that the majority of the professors in the Art department are extremely inspirational and wonderful mentors and because of this I was given the tools to succeed in my discipline. I have had experiences with teachers who seemed to be totally uninterested and unenthusiastic about what they were teaching and as a result left myself and other students feeling the same way. I have never seen this with my Visual Arts professors, their positive and creative presence is the greatest guidance for me as a student.

Specifically, the professors in my concentration are always available, often finding time for me and other students outside of class to help with projects.

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