Art History

Art History

Art History is the study of art works within their stylistic, historical and social contexts. The Art History Concentration at Eastern Connecticut State University is designed to acquaint students with world art of the past and present and to develop students’ understanding of style and the ways in which art can illuminate and perpetuate a culture’s history, beliefs and values.

ECSU student Art Historians can go on to earn advanced degrees in preparation for higher level positions in academia, museums (such as curators, department heads, gallery or museum directors), arts administration, or conservation. For those who jump immediately into the career world as well as for Eastern graduates pursuing additional degrees, careers in the arts, then art education, art therapy, and arts grant agencies provide examples of potential lines of employment. Positions working in education, accounting, and public relations departments or as museum preparators or exhibition designers, may be found in galleries or art museums as well.  Outside of the arts world, an Art History Concentration provides an excellent liberal arts background and enhances a student’s intellectual preparation for a wide range of careers in diverse areas like law, business, etc.  Indeed, employers who participate in today’s global marketplace value the creative problem solving skills emphasized in this major, as well as the global awareness and cultural sensitivity it fosters.


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