Student Chosen as Regional Finalist at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

Congratulations to Theatre major, Stephanie Madden, who served as a Stage Manager at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (1/26-31/16) for contributing to the success of the following new play which has been chosen as a regional finalist in the NATIONAL PLAYWRITING PROGRAM!

National Playwriting Program KCACTF Regional Finalist in the 10-Minute Plays Competition:

I WANNA BE FAMOUS, by Chase O’Neill (Hartwick College)

Directed by Ted Clement, Region Co-Vice Chair, KCACTF Region 1

Stage Managed by Stephanie Madden (ECSU)


Eastern Student Selected to Present at 2016 Posters on the Hill

Congratulations to Sabreena Croteau (Mentor, Dr. Salka) for being selected to present at the Posters on the Hill Conference April 19-20th. The title of the project is “Democratic Elections in the American States: A Case for Reform.”

To provide some context on this acceptance, going back to 2005, only 1 school has been selected to represent the state of Connecticut. The overall acceptance rate at POH is approximately 10-20%. Of the years where a CT school was selected to present at POH, Eastern has been represented 5 times out of 10.  Only the University of New Haven has been selected more than 1 time in the past 10 years.

Sabreena Croteau, Political Science, Eastern Connecticut State Univesity


Richard Magner, Mathematics, Eastern Connecticut State University


Eric S. Cerino, Psychology, Eastern Connecticut State University
Investigating Subjective Age, Level of Activity, and Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults


Connor Halem Gustave Patros, Psychology, Eastern Connecticut State University
Temporal Discounting & Cardiovascular Reactivity


Erika Harrington, Psychology, Eastern Connecticut State University
Perceived Racism as a Predictor of Depression, Anxiety and Cultural Mistrust

10 Students to Present at the 2016 National Conference on Undergraduate Research Conference

Congratulations to the students listed below and their mentors on being selected to represent Eastern at the NCUR Conference in April! Eastern had 12 students accepted out of 15 submissions. According to the acceptance email from NCUR, the selection process was much more competitive this year due to the number of submissions (over 4,000).  The work of the students accepted to present at this conference “demonstrated a unique contribution to their field of study.”

Sydney Batchelder  (PSY)  “Shame, Vulnerable Narcissism, and Social Anxiety²  Mentor: Dr. James Diller

Alexandra Cross (PS) “Straightening Out the Russian Mold: How State Controlled Nationalism Ostracizes the LGBT Population²  Mentor: Dr. Martin Mendoza-Botelho

Sabreena Croteau (HIS) “Influence and Interference: U.S. Foreign Policy towards Saudi Arabia 1956-1971²  Mentor: Dr. Caitlin Carenen

Erin Drouin (PS) “From Tradition to Twitter: An Analysis of Traditional Media and Social Media Coverage of Sexual Assault on College Campuses² Mentor: Dr. Nicole Krassas

Michael Freilich (KPE) “Motivations and Points of Attachments for Attending Men’s and Women’s College Basketball Games² Mentor: Dr. Ari de Wilde

Seth McCullock (COM) “Technology on Communicative Ability ³  Mentor: Dr. Jeon Jehoon

Moriah Perrett (PSY) “The Relationship of Gender Role Beliefs and Sociosexual Orientation with Rape Myth Acceptance² Mentor: Dr. Alita Cousins

Ian Peters (ECO) “It’s All Very Taxing: Interstate Tax Competition and the Balanced Budget²  Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Brown

Mackenzie Williams (BIS)   “Dynamic Continuity: The Power of Adaptability in the Graphic Design Industry²  Mentor: Dr. Niti Pandey

Gabriela Wrobel (SOC) “The Effects of Paid Family Leave on the Wages of Female Faculty in New England²  Mentor: Dr. Kim Dugan

Departments Showcase Student’s Scholary Work

The following departments have created forums to present student work:

Biology Department

The Biology Department has established the Biology Undergraduate Research Page to” inform Eastern Biology majors of research, funding, and presentation opportunities available both on and off campus. It will also highlight the accomplishments of students participating in undergraduate research in the department.

English Department

Eastern’s student literary journal, Eastern Exposure, showcases the creative writing of Eastern Connecticut State University students. Fiction, poetry, plays, scripts, creative non-fiction pieces, and texts written in hybrid forms fill Eastern Exposure‘s pages. The Eastern Writers Guild carefully selects the work included in each issue during the fall semester and publishes its annual issue during the spring semester.

History Department

Germina Veris is a peer-reviewed, online, open access journal dedicated to publishing outstanding papers, research notes,  transcribed primary documents, or translations by senior History students at Eastern Connecticut State University. Each semester students produce original, thought-provoking research on a variety of topics. Germina Veris – “the buds of spring” – makes some of this work available to the general public. Each article is carefully considered by specialists in the field based on the depth of original research, its contribution to existing scholarship, and the scientific rigor of its analysis.

3 Students Presented with Undergraduate Student Library Research Award

The following students were received the 2015 J. Eugene Smith Library Undergraduate Student Library Research Award:

Freshman/Sophomore Award: Nicole Green (English) for “The Cat in the Hat v. Piggybook: Where do Women Belong?” (Mentor: Dr. Fraustino)

Junior/Senior Award: Bryan Lehner (Biology) for “Catalytic Efficiencies of Enolase from Fast- and Slow- Killing Genotypes of Paenibacillus Larvae” (Mentor: Dr. Koenig)

Honorable Mention (Junior/Senior) Laura Perez-Handler (Sociology) for “Intergenerational Transmission of Monotheistic Religions: A Proposal for a Comparative Study” (Mentor: Dr. Dugan)


3 Students Receive Research Scholarships

The Jean H. Thoresen ECSU-AAUP Scholarship is a competitive scholarship which supports ECSU undergraduate students conducting independent or collaborative research projects by assisting with the costs involved in completing one or more research or creative projects and/or presenting research at an academic conference.

The following 3 students received a scholarship in 2015:

Erin Drouin (Fall 2015) for Twitter’s Influence on the Issue of Sexual Assault on College Campuses. Supervising faculty mentor: Nicole Krassas, Ph.D, Political Science.

Emily Komornik (Spring 2015) for Divine Intervention: Images of the Catholic Ghost within Shakespearian Tragedy. Supervisingfacultymentor:MaureenMcDonnell, Ph.D., English.

Richard Squires (Spring 2015) for Identification of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors in Chick Olfactory Tissue. Supervising faculty mentor: Barbara Murdoch, Ph.D, Biology.

Project Grant Award

Erin Strickland, mentored by Professor Sarah Baires will be receiving support for her research project on pre-Columbian Native American habitation area near Block Island. The funds will allow Ms. Strickland to date the shells, clam and oysters to determine consumption practices of Late Woodland Native Americans.

4 Psychology Students Present Research at Regional Conference

The following four students presented their research with their mentor (Dr. James Diller at the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy:

Alexis Apel, & Diller, J. W. (2015, October). Prison as punishment: A behavior-analytic evaluation of incarceration. Paper presentation at the annual meeting of the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Amherst, MA.

Erik Boornazian & Diller, J. W. (2015, October). Behavior analysis as a pragmatic science of morality. Paper presentation at the annual meeting of the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Amherst, MA.

Kat Daneault, Brett Gelino & Diller, J. W. (2015, October). Prompting to reduce electrical consumption on a college campus. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Amherst, MA.

Students Present at the COPLAC Undergraduate Research Conference

The following students represented Eastern at the Northeast Regional Undergraduate Research, Scholarly Activity & Creative Activity Conference. The conference took place October 23-24 at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Creative Writing
Kate Begin (ENG) “Reckless” Mentor: Dr. Fraustino

Oral Presentations

Sabreena Croteau “Democratic Elections in the American States: A Case for Reform” (PS) Mentor: Dr. Salka

Erin Drouin (PS) “An Analysis of Traditional Media Coverage of Sexual Assault on College Campuses”  Mentor: Dr. Krassas

Emilio Estrella (BIS) “Returns to Investment in College Education: Factoring in Rising Student Debt”Dr. Pandey
Erin Strickland (ANT) “Hybrid-Learning and Student Outcomes: A Student’s Perspective” Dr. Baires

Poster Presentations

Tess CandlerPhillip Hoeps “Value of Individual Votes in Proportional Systems”  (PS) Dr. Salka

Joel Hara (EES) “Uranium in Groundwater Resources of a Typical New England Setting” Dr. Metcalf

Nicolai Kousholt Soendergaard “An Action Research Qualitative Examination of Microsoft Excel, its Utilization in Businesses, and Potential Link to Early Career Success” (BIS) Dr. Citurs

Moriah Perrett “The Relationship of Gender Role Beliefs and Sociosexual Orientation with Rape Myth Acceptance” (PSY) Dr. Cousins

Kayla Giordano &  Christopher Morris “Evaluating Instrumental and Espressive Vote Values in Majoritarian Democracies” (PS) Dr. Salka

Art Exhibitions

Jason Curland “Mood Organ: Setting 458”  Dr. Arroyo

Gretta Ingranam Dr. Arroyo