Ricky Magner First Undergraduate Research/Creative Acitivity Fellow

Richard “Ricky” Magner, a senior studying mathematics at Eastern Connecticut State University, is the University’s first Undergraduate Research/Creative Activity Fellow. The research fellowship program provides undergraduate students with a stipend and the opportunity to research with experienced professionals in their field. During his freshman year, Magner met Professor Mizan Khan of the Mathematics Department and was invited to take part in the research that Khan was undertaking in the field of Number Theory.

Their research has culminated in two manuscripts. The first, “Two Combinatorial Geometric Problems Involving Modular Hyperbola,”  has been accepted to the research journal Integers. The authors are M. Khan, R. Magner, A. Winterhof and S. Senger. The second, “An application of Modular Hyperbolas to Quadratic Residues,” co-authored by Khan and Magner, has been accepted for publication in the American Mathematical Monthly, the flagship journal of the Mathematics Association of America and will be published in late 2014. The monthly accepts less than 10 percent of submissions, and publication of the research represents a major milestone for Magner. A copy of article can be found here QuadResModHyprev .

Ricky believes being a research fellow will serve him well when he applies to a prestigious doctoral program in mathematics. More details on Ricky’s experience and work with Dr. Khan are available on the Eastern Connecticut State University News Flash.

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