Training and Certification

Training and Certification

The Institute for Sustainable Energy develops training and certification programs to support Connecticut’s energy initiatives.  Contact us for additional information or assistance in developing training and certification programs.

Small Business Energy Advantage Contractor Training

The Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) Program, offered by Energize Connecticut and administered by Connecticut Light & Power, aims to “provide cost-effective, turnkey energy-saving services for small commercial and industrial customers who do not have the time, financial resources, or in-house expertise necessary to analyze and reduce their energy usage.” SBEA-authorized contractors are responsible for conducting energy assessments of potential facilities and presenting customers with project proposals.

In February 2014, ISE was tasked with developing a multi-day course for these contractors that would provide them with training in energy efficiency and sustainability. The course, taught by ISE over several weeks, provided a comprehensive background in energy management, lighting and lighting controls, building envelope, HVAC systems and controls and combustion equipment, all with a focus on improving energy efficiency in small businesses. Participants were required to pass an exam once they had completed the course. Through ISE’s involvement with the program, over 70 contractors successfully completed the course and were approved by CL&P to provide energy-efficient, cost-saving solutions to participants of the program.

Click here to read more about the Small Business Energy Advantage Program.

GPRO, or Green Professional Building Skills Training, is a series of courses and certificate exams developed by the Urban Green Council, the New York City chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. GPRO assumes that participants are already knowledgeable in their trade, and seeks to provide them with additional training in sustainability. The wide variety of topics covered are valuable for anyone who builds, renovates or maintains green buildings, and participants who complete the course and pass the final exam become GPRO Certificate Holders.

With the support of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, ISE has brought the GPRO Program in Connecticut, training municipal and State building managers, administrators, financial personnel, contractors and energy advisors on the fundamentals of green building operations and management. Since early 2013, four different sessions have been held, and over 80 participants have received their GPRO Credentials.

GPRO training sessions will be offered again in late 2014. Contact us for more information on course dates, locations and registration.

Click here to read more about the GPRO Program.


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