Mission and History

Mission and History

The Board of Trustees of the Connecticut State University System established a Center for Sustainable Energy Studies at Eastern Connecticut State University and designated it as a Connecticut Higher Education Center for Excellence on July 14, 2001. In support of the center, the Board of Trustees created the Institute for Sustainable Energy “to identify, develop and become an objective energy and educational resource regarding the means for achieving a sustainable energy future for Connecticut.”  The Institute advances the adoption of practical, cost-effective solutions and strategies that increase energy efficiency, sustainability, and resilience.  We provide support to municipalities, state agencies, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and others through education, research, and technical assistance.  The Institute was established as an administrative department of Eastern, funded through grants, contracts and funds collected from participants in its programs.

In addition to our initiatives throughout Connecticut, the Institute works in close partnership with Eastern’s Center for Sustainable Energy Studies and the Facilities Management and Planning Department to incorporate sustainability into the academic offerings, physical infrastructure, and culture of Eastern Connecticut State University.

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