Email Directory

Email Directory

Student Affairs Office
Kenneth Bedini, Vice President
Walter Diaz, Dean of Students
Karen Mason, CSU Administrative Assistant

AccessAbility Services Office
Jennifer Boylan, Interim Coordinator
Tracy Carlson, University Assistant
Allison Collins, University Assistant
Andrea Hewlett, University Assistant
Kathleen Parmalee, Administrative Assistant

Athletics Department
Cynthia Washburne, Interim Director
Janice Patry, Assistant Director for Student Development
Jackie Nelson, Administrative Assistant

Center for Community Engagement
Kimberly Armstrong Silcox, Director
Luis Rodriguez
, Assistant Director
Christine Dombkowski, Assessment & Systems Coordinator
Bethany Summers, Assessment & Systems Assistant
Maxwell Goto
, AmeriCorps VISTA, Community Service Assistant
Irene Cretella
, Administrative Assistant

Center for Internships and Career Development
Clifford Marrett, Interim Director
Paul J. Rossitto, Assistant Director
Patricia Thomas, Assistant Director
Lana Pontbriant, Administrative Assistant

Counseling and Psychological Services
Mercy Arias, Director
Marianne Ciardullo, Counselor
Bryce Crapser, Counselor
Suzanne Dowling, Counselor
Anne Patti, Counselor
Kathleen Parmalee, Administrative Assistant

Health Services
Robert Jennette, MD, Director
Christine McCarthy, Nurse Practitioner, Associate Director
Jane Neu, Nurse Practitioner, Associate Director
Annette Senechal, Registered Nurse, Assistant Director
Kristen Flower, Administrative Assistant

Housing and Residential Life
LaMar Coleman, Director
Angela Bazin, Associate Director
Paul Serignese, Assistant Director
Sonya Alicea, Administrative Assistant
Edili Lopez, Hall Director, Burnap Hall
Jennifer O’Neill , Hall Director, Burr Hall
Carrie Robinson, Hall Director, Constitution Hall
Edili Lopez
, Hall Director, Crandall Hall
Julisa DeLosSantos, Hall Director, Laurel Hall
Blaine Fisher, Hall Director, Mead Hall
John Beck, Hall Director, Neijadlik Hall
Jasmine Ranjitsingh, Hall Director, Noble Hall
Amelinda Vazquez,
Hall Director, Nutmeg Hall
Anthony Gleason, Hall Director, Occum Hall
Hatef Alavi, Hall Director, Windham Street Apartments (WSA)
Emily Blandford, Hall Director, Windham Street Apartments (WSA)
Ricardo Barrett, Hall Director, Winthrop Hall

Intercultural Center
Kemesha Wilmot, Coordinator

Judicial Affairs Office
Angelo Simoni
, Director
Hazel Gage, Secretary II

Student Activities/Student Center/Orientation
Michelle Delaney, Director
Candace DeAngelis, Associate Director (Orientation)
Chrisopher Ambrosio, Assistant to the Director
Casey Bandarra, Assistant to the Director
Chelsea Gordon, University Assistant
Margo Mulholland, Secretary

VETS Center
Lawrence Schmitz, University Assistant
Lana Pontbriant, Administrative Assistant

Wellness Promotion
Mercy Arias, Director
Kathleen Parmalee, Administrative Assistant

Women’s Center
Starsheemar Byrum, Coordinator

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