Safe Zone Allies

Safe Zone Allies

The following individuals have completed the safe zone training and are individuals that are available to LGBT students who may need someone to speak with.

Safe Zone Trained as of 4/24/14





Casey Bandarra Assistant Director of Student Center
Blaine Fisher Residence Hall Director
Jennifer O’Neill Residence Hall Director
Laura Boliver Residence Hall Director
Jennifer Boylan Interim Coordinator of Accessibility Services
Kemesha Wilmot Coordinator of the Intercultural Center
Emma Blandford Residence Hall Director
Walter Diaz Dean of Students
Kristen Morgan Performing Arts
Kyle Verona Institutional Advancement
Alison Garewski Academic Advising
Julie Alexander Athletics/Athletic Training
Karen Mason Student Affairs
Trish Thomas Career Services
Jeanne Carey Ingle Education
William Pirt Facilities Department
Paul Gilson Business
Luis Rodriguez Center for Community Engagement
Kathi DeFranco Bursar’s Office
Liz Braun Student Activities
John Murphy Communication
Sarah Weisbrod Office of Accessibility Services
Garrett Dancik Math and Computer Science
Mark Fabrizi Education
Patrick Bradley Performing Arts
Patricia Miller Advising/ASC
Reece Painter Student Activities
Michelle Delaney Student Activities
Joe Salvaggio Chartwell’s
Candance DeAngelis Student Activities
Dominic DeBrincat History
Erika Profenno Athletics
Nanette Tummers Health and Physical Education
Cynthia Washbourne Athletics
Jackie Nelson Athletics
Suzanne Dowling Counseling
Lourdes Ardel Human Resources
Chris Drewry Advising


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