Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol

The Eastern Connecticut State University Bike Patrol Officers are highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to the Community Oriented Policing philosophy. Each officer receives specialized training that complies with the high standards of the International Police Mountain Bike Association, IPMBA,

IPMBA Certified Officers currently assigned to the Mountain Bike Unit are:

  • Lt. Thomas Madera
  • Det. Kevin Snow
  • Ofc. David DeNunzio
  • Ofc. Mark Kuchta
  • Ofc. Jene Comstock

Bike Patrol Officers utilize state-of- the-art 2006 “TrekSLA” – Super Light Alpha frame, 24-speed mountain bikes equipped with lights, first aid kits and saddle bags for storage. The bikes allow officers to effectively patrol and rapidly respond to all areas of campus including places inaccesible by car. Additionally, the bikes are effective tools which allow officers the ability to foster and enhance our relationship with the University’s most valuable asset…our community.

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