Crime Advisory

May 2, 2015:  A residential student reported she was robbed on Valley street at approximately 6:40 p.m. in the area behind Stop & Shop on Valley St. The student described white vehicle occupied with four black males all wearing dark clothing stopped in front of her.  Three of the subjects got out of the vehicle and and demanded her money and backpack. She gave the items to them and they drove off quickly.  She said the suspects were holding knives but made no physical contact with her. The Willimantic Police Department was called and is investigating.

Timely Warnings

February 5, 2015: A Niejadlik Hall resident reported hearing a loud bang shortly after 5:00 a.m. At that time nothing suspicious was located by the responding officers.  Later in the day, it was discovered that a room on the second floor was forcibly entered and some electronics were taken from the common area. It also appears entry was attempted in a few other rooms. A preliminary investigation shows that there was no forced entry into the Niejadlik building.  Please contact the University Police immediately if you see or hear any suspicious activity in your residential hall or anywhere on campus.  This investigation is continuing.

February 3, 2015: A student reported walking somewhere on Prospect St sometime before 1:00 a.m. when he passed a group of 4-6 males. The student alleges one of the males punched him and then the group punched and kicked him. The student’s bookbag, wallet and I-phone were taken. The Willimantic Police Department is investigating this incident.

Please use caution especially when out at night. Always practice safe traveling measures both on and off campus. Walk with a partner whenever you can and let someone know where you are going.

As always, be vigilant and watchful of suspicious behavior or individuals on campus and notify Campus Police if you see something occurring that seems to be out of the ordinary.