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Fall 2014 Music Program Events Calendar


The Music Program supports a variety of Musical Ensembles, small and large, classical and non-classical. Ensemble experience is one of the most important aspects of an undergraduate musical education. Not only does can it help you become a more complete musician, but it also teaches many valuable lessons in teamwork, commitment and individual responsibility that are important for success in any field. We hope you will choose to become involved in as many as possible!

Additional Small Ensembles

MUS113: Woodwind and Brass Ensemble (Contact: Stacy Dziuk)
MUS113: Guitar Ensemble (Contact: Dan Hartington)
MUS113: Opera Workshop (Contact: Emily Riggs)
MUS113: Korean Samul Ensemble (Contact: Okon Hwang)
MUS113: The Thread City Frog Kickers (Contact: Richard Jones-Bamman)

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