Blackboard Access Issues

Some students are reporting that they are unable to access Blackboard this morning (May 29th). In every case so far, the user are using Comcast Internet service. The BOR determined the issue and fixed it. If users continue to have issues clearing browser cache is recommended.

Blackboard Issues

Students who can’t see a blackboard course or can’t see material in blackboard should contact their professor to determine if this is their intention or not.

Faculty who encounter students who have issues accessing content they believe should be available to them should contact

Add User Request Form Process Change

The Add User Request form has been modified. Please read the instructions when submitting it even if you’ve used it before. The process now requires you to forward the results of the submitted form to CIT, eliminating the need for a confirmation email. This will speed up turn around time.

Blackboard Upgrade Impacts Learning Modules

The Blackboard upgrade to SP 14 will negatively impact those who use Assignments in Learning Modules. Students trying to access an assignment in a Learning Module get an error message.

This issue only affects people using assignments in the Learning Module tool. It does not affect people using Assignments in Content Folders.

As a result, it is unclear whether the upgrade will happen as scheduled on May 26th.

Email Notification Reactivation

The Email notification service from Blackboard Learn will be turned back on Monday March 10th. Students and facutly will again be able to recieve email notifications regarding various aspects of their courses. If you do not want this service you can turn it off by going to the Notifications Dashboard and editing your notification settings.

Vista Shutdown

CIT would like to remind faculty who have material in the old Blackboard Vista system that the BOR will be shutting down the Vista server June 1st. If you have any material you need to export from the system please do so before the deadline. CIT is available to train faculty if you have yet to migrate a course to Learn, or if you need instructions on exporting material you want to keep for the future. We understand that as the semester draws closer to a close, there is less time available, so we will make this announcement periodically until the deadline.

There will be no capability to recover data from Vista after the June 1st deadline.

This action does not affect Blackboard Learn.

Blackboard Crashes After Login IE11- UPDATED

UPDATE: The BOR did not install the patch due to issues they found with it. There is no date scheduled to apply the patch at this time.

UPDATE: a patch will be applied that fixes this issue from 1AM to 6AM on Feb 21st.

IE 11 is not a supported browser at this time.  See the following page for details on which browsers are currently supported:

Enrollment Issues and Blackboard Outage

Update 2:

Blackboard enrollments should reflect what you see in eWeb. Faculty using the Blackboard Grade Book may see the erroneous enrollments still listed, but they will be marked as unavailable. Monday Feb. 3rd the unavailable erroneous registrations will be removed completely, but in the meantime, the grade book can be sorted by availability.

If you still have enrollment issues, particularly students who should have access but don’t, or if you have any other questions about this, please email

Update 1:

In an effort to correct the enrollment issue students and faculty are experiencing, Blackboard will be unavailable tonight from 11:30 PM until midnight.  By the morning, the enrollments should be correct. However, students who have been manually added to Blackboard classes they are not officially registered for will have to be manually added again. The Faculty member will have to fill out the following form for those students again. We apologize for the inconvenience:

Blackboard Learn Add User Request Form:

As a reminder, the eWeb class list contains the actual enrollments and current class registrations.

Original Post:

The Blackboard Support Team at Eastern is aware of recent enrollment issues and has contacted the BOR. If a student has been enrolled in courses they never registered for, or is missing courses they did register for, please look to this page for details. We will update this page as we learn more.

eWeb is unaffected by this issue, and should continue to be used as the student’s official enrollment record.

Blackboard Learn Add User Request Form

This form should be filled out by the course owner for the purpose of adding users to their Blackboard classes, users not already added by the registration process. This service is provided on a limited basis. CIT will add TAs, and other instructors to existing blackboard classes, and up to six regular students. The form should be filled out once for each request.

For a number greater than six, please email to discuss the issue.

Please and follow the instructions in the form.

Blackboard Learn Add User Request Form: