Latin American Studies Minor

Latin American Studies Minor:

Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary minor specializing in the histories, cultures, and social structures of the region.
The minor consists of 15 credits.

  1. Up to six credits may be counted from intermediate (200-level) or above-level courses in one or more of the languages of the region.
  2. The following courses are currently taught at Eastern (see below).
  3. Other Latin America-related courses from Eastern or other universities with the consent of the coordinator.
  4. Independent studies courses that focus on a Latin America-related issue.
The following courses are currently taught at Eastern
ANT225Contemporary Puerto Rican Culture and Society3
SPA318Latin American Civilization3
SPA323Latin American Literature3
HIS255Introduction to Latin America 3
HIS341Colonial Latin America 3
HIS342Modern Latin America3
HIS345History of Mexico3
HIS346Central America 3
HIS347History of Brazil3
PSC240Latin American Politics 3
SOC355Latin America: Structure, Change and Development3
SOC/SPA356America Latina (taught in Spanish)3
WLC/ENG/WST324Literature by Women Authors of Latin America3
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