Media Production Resources

Media Production Resources to use Microsoft Movie Maker
Available for loan from the Eastern LibraryDescription
Presenter's Toolkit
A DVD Collection of Royalty Free Video Clips, Music, Clip Art, Photos, Backgrounds
Websites, Tutorials & BlogsDescription .mp3, .wav, and .wma files for free Audio Editor Live, Worldwide, Creative Classroom Media Innovations Blog TV Channels Directory Production Resources for Students
http://www.lynda.comOnline software training Tips
http://forums.creativecow.netVideo Tutorials
http://www.cgtutorials.comMore than 1200 Adobe Photoshop tutorials
http://www.creativecow.netExcellent resource for all software.
http://www.scottkelby.comScott Kelby Blog
http://www.photoshopusertv.comPhotoshop User TV
http://www.dtowntv.comPhotography video tutorials
DownloadsDescription free audio files, sound effects, music
http://www.freemacfonts.comFree Fonts Fonts Rip DVD's to Quick Time (Windows & Mac) plug ins application downloads Effects downloads Downloads
Our Favorite Podcasts: Download iTunes @ www.itunes.comProduction Forum
Adobe Photoshop Killer Tips
Avid Tips and Techniques
Fresh DV
Understanding Photoshop
Photoshop Alley
Photoshop User TV
Photoshop for Video
Creative Photoshop with John Reuter
Creative Planet’s Digital Production Buzz
CreativeCOW Adobe After Effects tutorials Extras
DV Gear Talk
Photography 101
MacBreak Studio
Mastering Videography
Inside the Digital Media Classroom
Inside the Black Box
Inside Digital Media Photography
Inside Creative Software
Inside Mac Radio
Digital Heaven
The DV Show