The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

Effective Fall 2008, all incoming matriculated students entering Eastern as new first time freshmen or transfer students will follow the University’s Liberal Arts Core Curriculum program of study. Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2008 will follow the appropriate program of study in effect at the time of their enrollment.

Eastern is Connecticut’s public liberal arts university and its liberal arts core curriculum (LAC) is the centerpiece of our mission. A liberal arts education teaches students to be critical thinkers who understand the past and are prepared for the future. Eastern’s liberal arts core curriculum is a unique educational program that supports students’ major studies and elective courses. The study of the liberal arts at Eastern is rigorous and creative, disciplinary and interdisciplinary, theoretical and applied, which taps the resources of all members of Eastern’s faculty, regardless of discipline. The liberal arts provide the knowledge and skills students need for life within and beyond the University.

At Eastern, students take their liberal arts core sequentially in three stages, with introductory courses preparing students for more advanced learning. The curriculum is designed in steps that progress logically from the first to the third or fourth year. Eastern students build foundation methods and concepts in the first step, synthesize their learning and apply this knowledge in the second step, then conclude their liberal arts education in the third step with a capstone experience such as a research paper, thesis, performance, or internship. Students develop complex ways of knowing the social and the natural worlds, as well as the arts and literature; this knowledge is combined with action and interaction. Eastern expects its students to apply their learning to real problems to become effective problem-solvers whether they work alone or as part of a team.

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