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Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Theme Housing Communities

 Theme Housing Application(due March 25th)

HONORS SCHOLARS – This community will serve as a support for students who have been identified as University  Honors Scholars. This community will provide academic and social support for these students while providing opportunities for them to engage with the Eastern Community. This community will work closely with the University Honors Program. Honors Housing Agreement 2014-2015

CIVIC & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – This community will unite students who demonstrate an interest and commitment to issues surrounding social justice and community engagement. Residents will examine global and local social issues; residents will also develop and implement programs to address the needs of the local Willimantic community.  This community will work closely with the Center for Community Engagement. Community Service Housing Agreement 2014-2015

QUIET/SUBSTANCE-FREE – This community will serve as a support  for students who desire a quieter residential setting and who want to surround themselves with others who commit their lifestyle to remaining substance-free. As such, students who apply for this community should be accustomed to not partaking of alcohol substances or smoke-related substances and will be required to refrain from bringing guests who do partake of such substances into the community. This community will also exercise extended “Quiet Hours” of 8pm-8am. Quiet & Substance-Free Agreement

GENDER INCLUSIVE – This community will serve as a supportive and welcoming environment for students who have an interest in being as inclusive as possible as it pertains to gender identities and gender expression and would find comfort in living with others who have similar interests. Students within this community will have the option of receiving support from Campus Safe Space Allies as well as the Pride Room. Gender Inclusive Agreement

EDUCATION & MATH COMMUNITY – This community will serve as a support for students who have identified Education or Math as their major (or have a strong interest in the subjects). Students will have the opportunity to participate in  conversation circles in order to further develop their academic and social opportunities within their program. This community will also provide opportunities for participants to work closely with the Math and Education departments as well as the Mathematics Achievement Center (MAC). Math & Education Theme Housing Agreement

FOOD FOR THOUGHT – This community will allow participants to learn more about food, food preparation, and nutrition. Students will have the opportunity to try various cooking techniques and will share their creations with others in the community. Healthy eating will be emphasized and this community may also partner with Chartwells Dining Services to learn more about the food service industry. Food for Thought Agreement

CULTURAL CELEBRATIONS – This community will expose participants to others who vary in background and experiences. The residents in the theme will share their cultural traditions such as cooking, holidays, fashions, language, family structures, religion, etc.  Students will also have the opportunity to explore/learn more about their own cultural backgrounds. This theme will work closely with the Intercultural Center. Cultural Celebrations Theme Housing Agreement

LEAP INTO LEADERSHIP – This community will serve students who are interested in expanding their leadership skills while having the ability to network university officials and alumni. Students in this theme will participate in the LEAP into Leadership series sponsored by the Office of Student Activities and will work collaboratively with a leadership mentor. Leadership Theme Housing Agreement

GAMER’S GUILD – This community will facilitate an awareness and an appreciation of the culture of gaming as it relates to cards, video games, board games, etc. Participants will expand their own interests in gaming while sharing their interest with others. This community will strive to break the gender, racial, and intellectual stereotypes typically associated with gaming. Gaming Theme Housing Agreement

SOPH-MORE EXPERIENCE – This community will aid 2nd year students by providing continuous support and resources to assist in their navigation through their sophomore year. Students in the community will receive resources related to academic, financial aid/scholarships, mentors, career development, and social networking opportunities. Various trips, events, and activities will be planned for the community to insure their success into their 3rd year. Soph-MORE Experience Agreement

THE GREEN THEME- ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY – This community will allow students who are interested in environmental issues the opportunity to participate in numerous initiatives related to sustainability, going green, reducing carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, and recycling. Various service projects related to the environment will be conducted throughout the year. The Green Theme Agreement

Men on a Mission – This community will give students the opportunity to expand their leadership while focusing on issues related to men. Students will hear from guest speakers, plan events and participate in outings geared to promoting excellence and success. Students in this community will remain active in the MALES student organization. Men on a Mission Theme Agreement

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING/CAREER DEVELOPMENT – This community is geared toward students who will be participating in an internship or experiential learning experience or who are interested in maximizing their career development portfolio. Students will work closely with the Center for Internships & Career Development and will be able to attend workshops and events that will enhance their job placement marketability. Experiential Learning Theme Housing Agreement

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