Individualized Developmental Experiences and Learning Residential Portfolio

IDEAL Residential Portfolio Brochure (PDF)

Helpful advice for completing your IDEAL Residential Portfolio

The IDEAL Residential Portfolio is a reflective project that memorializes a student’s Eastern experience. The 18 requirements of the portfolio span many weeks and are not something that can be done in one night or a weekend. We recommend that students that seek to complete an IDEAL Residential Portfolio write a rough draft immediately following one of the requirements and later in the semester or during the winter recess a student reflect, edit and finalize their reflective essay.

Portfolio requirements and useful resources

 Portfolio RequirementWeb
1Completion of Roommate Expectation Form.*Link
2Attend four (4) Residence Hall Association (RHA) meetings.*Link
3Attend an RHA Event.Link
4Attend at least two (2) University Residential Outreach Council (UROC) meetings.*Link
5Attend a UROC event.Link
6Attend an educational RA program in your hall.Link
7Take and include a photo of your favorite residence hall bulletin board and explain why you chose it as your favorite.
8Participate in a Center for Community Engagement event.Link
9Attend an Eastern Athletic event.Link
10Attend a SGA meeting or SGA sponsored event.*
11Attend a University Hour event.*Link
12Attend a University Arts & Lecture Series event.*Link
13Attend a University theatrical or musical performance.*
14Visit an event or local business/establishment in the Town of Willimantic. Link
15Submit a copy of your completed Four-Year Plan.Link
16Find a job that you would like to apply for upon graduation and submit a copy of the job description, your cover letter, and your resume after having it checked by the Center for Internships & Career Development staff. Link
17Include five (5) photos of some of your favorite memories at Eastern with a description of each.
18Include an essay on how you have grown in your time at Eastern, what Eastern’s Core Values mean to you and how you attempt to incorporate the core values into your Eastern experience.

* Please include programs, copies of minutes (must include your name in the attendance sheet), and fliers to verify your completion of each of these requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student submit their IDEAL Residential Portfolio?
IDEAL Residential Portfolios are a compilation of a students Eastern Experience. Students are encouraged to create their portfolio with a binder or notebook as they will have to submit reflective essays and other evidence of each portfolio requirement. Requirements do not need to be completed in the order listed, but do need to be in the above order within the IDEAL Residential Portfolio with a table of contents and each page should be numbered.

If a student attends a program that awards Housing Priority Points and write a reflective essay as part of their IDEAL Residential Portfolio for the program do they still earn points?
If a program of any kind awards Housing Priority Points, students will earn those points in addition to the 20 Housing Priority Points they earn for completion of the IDEAL Residential Portfolio.

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