Women’s Studies Minor

Women’s Studies Minor

Women and their achievements, as well as society’s treatment and view of women, comprise the subject matter for Women’s Studies. The student who chooses Women’s Studies as a non-degree minor must select 15 credits from the following:

Required Courses
WST260Introduction to Women's Studies

Twelve (12) additional credit hours from the following:
WST208Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Lives
WST212Marriage and the Family
WST225Women and Politics
WST228Poetry of Women
WST231Women Writers form French-Speaking Countries
WST240Sociology of Gender and Sex Roles
WST244Immigrant Women
WST266Mini-Lit [when the topic is a woman or women]
WST310Women and Crime
WST315Psychology of Gender
WST317Women and Family in Western Society
WST324Literature by Women Authors of Latin america
WST326Politics of Race, Class and Gender
WST347Black Women's Studies
WST355Women and the Visual Arts
WST356Women Writers to 1900
WST35720th Century Women Writers
WST465Studies in Sociology [when the topic is women]
WST480Independent Study
WST490Internship in Women's Studies

Credit for any other women-related courses must be approved through the Director of Women’s Studies.

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