History Tutor available

For any students (both majors and non-majors) seeking help with lower-level History courses, History Tutor Erin Strickland can help! Her office hours at the Academic Services Center are:

Mondays 2-4
Tuesdays 1-3
Wednesdays 2-4.

Spread the word.

Come Clubbing with the Profs

Eastern’s History Club is sponsoring a brownie social tomorrow (Wednesday, 16 Sept) from 3-4 in the Faculty Lounge (3rd floor Webb, end of hall). Some of the department’s most famous historians will be there to sign autographs, and generally eat baked goods. So come see your professors in their natural habitat.

Thoresen Scholarship for individual research projects

Once again the Jean H. Thoresen ECSU-AAUP Scholarship is being offered to ECSU Undergraduate students who are conducting independent or collaborative research projects. Up to $500 in scholarship money is available.

For more details on this scholarship, brought to you by Eastern’s branch of the American Association of University Professors, consult the website here – or go to www.ecsuaaup.org and click on the tab “Thoresen Scholarship” at the top. Or, you can ask an Academic Department Secretary for the informational Thoresen Brochure that describes all of the application requirements. Deadline is September 21 (3rd Monday of September, 2015).

This is what we call historical perspective

ECSU History major Tim Panzarella published an op-ed in the Hartford Courant (2 September 2015) contextualizing the current, sometimes heated, debate over immigrants in America. As Tim’s case study of Italian Americans in Connecticut one hundred years ago shows, History may not repeat itself exactly, but it often rhymes. Those interested in a broader perspective on immigration and its place in American history should read Tim’s piece here.

Congratulations Tim, for providing some needed historical context.

Tim Panzarella


Welcome Back 2015-2016

Fall is here – the weather is an autumnal 90+ degrees, and classes have begun.

In case you need to change any of those courses, remember the first Drop/Add deadline is this Friday, Sept 4. And keep an eye out for more changes to the History department website, including a revamped FAQ on advisement.

Enjoy your classes.

Fall Semester Internship Available with the Colchester Historical Society

Colchester can trace it roots to colonial Connecticut when the first settlers arrived in 1698.  The Colchester Historical Society, founded in 1963, has amassed a wide body of documents, images and artifacts that follow the town’s history. The Colchester Historical Society (CHS) has an active museum located in an historic building within the center of town.  CHS is member of the Connecticut League of History Originations, the American Assoc. of State and Local History.   We participate in the StEPs-CT Program and the Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition.

Come intern with us and apply your love of history and gain some valuable work experience in museum, historical research and/or the curatorial profession.

Intern Duties:

  • Tour/Program Development
  1. Help develop content for a new digital mobile application of a 10 site self-guided historical walking tour.
  2. Help plan our next public event, a Spooky Cemetery Tour, scheduled in October for families with children.
  3. Plan a program/opening for Town’s Holiday Homecoming in December.
  • Museum/Marketing
  1. Set up a visitor log; be a greeter/docent, develop a greeter’s guide,
  2. Update website as necessary.
  3. Develop new visitor interest through social media.
  • Inventory Collections
  1. Review electronic files for over 900 items and develop this data as a public research tool.
  2. Help inventory additional collection artifacts currently off-site, determine historical significance and develop new collections categories as necessary.

Hours -Minimum of 8 hours per week; flexible hours to be scheduled with mentor; some Saturday afternoons as museum docent.  Candidate must be able to work independently once direction is given by an assigned mentor.

To learn more about the Colchester Historical Society visit our website:  www.colchersterhistory.org

So what’s next?

On Wednesday, 7 May, the History department held its annual Seniors Graduation reception and Awards banquet. Full details on the award winners will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, we wish all our grads success in their next phase of life.