NEHA 2015 or bust!

Ian Carey, Kyle Donovan, Melissa Zablonski, and Dr. Roland Clark travelled to Worcester State University on Saturday for the New England Historical Association’s semi-annual conference. Melissa presented a paper entitled “The Pension Widow: Defining the Criteria for Women in the Revolutionary War Pension Process,” which met with enthusiastic acclaim from a large audience. The paper is based on Melissa’s Honors thesis, which she wrote this year under the direction of Prof. Barbara Tucker.

Student attendees at NEHA 2015. From left: Ian Carey, Kyle Donovan, Melissa Zablonski.



Phi Alpha Theta induction dinner

Congratulations to the 2015 inductees of Eastern’s chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honors Society!

Eastern PAT inductees

Front row from left: Quanece Williams, Bethany Niebanck, Sister Kateri Ludick, Annie Chozick, Lauren Grenier.
Back row from left: Kyle Donovan, Morgan Considine, Emily Komornik, Richard Ashley.

Inductees not pictured: Sabreena Croteau, Talia Erris, Hannah Mamaclay, Melissa Ann Rodgers, and Connor Walsh.

Where did the idea of fried mozzarella sticks come from?

The History club held another successful Trivia Night in the Student Center on Thursday, April 9, 2015. With roughly 30 people in attendance, challenging questions, and plenty of fried mozzarella sticks, a great time was had by all.

Not a mozzarella stick to be found

(Bonus trivia answer: the idea of fried cheese sticks dates back to c. 1400 France.)

History Alumna Saundra Catalina working for Habitat for Humanity

Saundra Catalina has recently updated us on her career following her graduation from Eastern with a History/Social Science degree. In an email addressed to Dr. Kirchmann, Saundra wrote: “Right after graduating I did a couple of years of AmeriCorps with Habitat for Humanity. Some of my assignments were behind the scenes event planning, fundraising, and creating new volunteer programs. After that I did construction for a couple of years with Habitat in Washington, D.C leading volunteers on site and in my spare time working with the office staff to increase our connection to the communities we were building in. I moved to Denver, Colorado about a year and a half ago as an Assistant Manager of one of Denver’s Habitat for Humanity ReStores (if you haven’t been to one it’s like a Home Depot thrift store that raises funds for Habitat).  Just two weeks ago I was promoted to Manager of one of our ReStores here in Denver. My goal is mostly to gain experience managing others.  I’m looking forward to learning a lot from this new position.” Congratulations, Saundra, and please keep in touch!

Congratulations to Team History (College Bowl)

While the study of history consists of far more than just facts, historians have to know more than their fair share. No surprise, then, that our department’s representatives in the Eastern College Bowl trivia competition lived up to the high standards established by past Teams History. This year Team History made it to the championship round and took second place, and is looking to win it all next year. Congratulations to Team History members Keaton Sanborn, Emily Komornick, Shawn Batchelder, and Austin Cirello.