Now it’s official

On April 6, Sabreena Croteau and Quanece Williams received their Henry Barnard Distinguished Student Awards. They are both dual majors in history and political science, and plan to continue their education in graduate school. Sabreena hopes to study international relations and comparative politics and work in the U.S. Foreign Service as a public diplomacy officer. Quanece will be heading for law school and hopes to become a lawyer representing interests of the underprivileged in our society.

Sabreena Croteau (L) and Quanece Williams (R)

Sabreena Croteau (L) and Quanece Williams (R)

Twelve students from Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western were recognized with Barnard awards. They all gave speeches praising the benefits of their education at the four CSU universities. In their speeches, Sabreena and Quanece thanked the faculty of the History and Political Science departments for their support and inspiration.

We are very proud of Sabreena Croteau and Quanece Williams and wish them great success in their future endeavors!



Wadsworth Internship opportunity

The Wadsworth-Atheneum Museum of Art has a Diversity Internship opportunity this summer. For details on the position and the application (due Monday, May 2), see here.

As always, if there’s an opportunity for an internship for credit, you need to go see Dr. Carenen first, or Dr. Kirchmann if it’s at the Windham Textile Museum.

Museum Opportunity: Ebenezer Avery House

The Ebenezer Avery House served as a makeshift hospital after the Battle of Groton Heights on September 6, 1781, and is an important piece of Groton’s history, as well as the national history of the American Revolution.  Located on the grounds of Fort Griswold, the house preserves and exhibits the history of both the Avery family and the battle.

We are looking for interested individuals for our tour guide position for the upcoming season. Please pass this along to graduate or undergraduate students looking for some summer work. The tour guide is a paid position at the Ebenezer Avery House in Groton, CT. We are also looking for people willing to volunteer while we are open. Even committing just one day per week (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) would be a great help! We are looking for some fresh eyes to help us get our goals accomplished! It is a great way to gain some experience in the museum field!

Tour Guide, Ebenezer Avery House
Paid Position
Start Date: May 27, 2016

The Tour Guide is responsible for providing access to the Ebenezer Avery House through the use of informational tours. The Tour Guide should be prepared to assist in basic housekeeping. Responsibilities also include making sure all policies and procedures are being followed, including security procedures for the grounds and collections. The tour guide is in charge of keeping track of gift shop sales, and additional help may be needed for special events. The Guide may be required to work alone at times.

The Ebenezer Avery House is located in Groton, CT, and is open Memorial Day through Labor Day, Friday through Sunday 12-4pm.

Qualifications: The Tour Guide should be engaging, able to recall facts and accurately explain the history of the site, communicate well with visitors of all ages, and effectively problem solve if a guest has special needs. The Tour Guide should also be able to politely and firmly ask visitors to follow the rules while on tour, and correct any behavior that may be detrimental to the House and collection.

For those interested, especially if you want to pursue an internship possibility, contact Dr. Caitlin Carenen. One out our recent History alums Kristina Oschmann is currently working there as a curator.

Congratulations 2016 Phi Alpha Theta inductees

Last night the History department hosted its annual Phi Alpha Theta awards ceremony. Our best junior and senior History and History/Social Science majors were inducted into Eastern’s Alpha Mu Alpha chapter of Phi Alpha Theta (or ΦΑΘ, though it may be Greek to you), the national History honors society. PAT recipients are chosen by the History department faculty.

For more info on Eastern’s AMA chapter of PAT, you can visit our page here, or visit the national PAT website here.

2016 PAT Inductees. Back row L-R: Ronald Robillard, Carl Krauss, Michael Sansevero, Kendarly Apollon, Jessica Kokoszka. Front row L-R: Alaina Torromeo, Elaine Hill, Jessica Suplee. Inductees not pictured: Dr. Tom Balcerski, Clint Gosselin, Sadie Hewes, and Abby Miner.

2016 PAT Inductees. Back row (L-R): Ronald Robillard, Carl Krauss, Michael Sansevero, Kendarly Apollon, Jessica Kokoszka. Front row (L-R): Alaina Torromeo, Jessica Suplee, Elaine Hill, Katie Butler. Inductees not pictured: Dr. Tom Balcerski, Clint Gosselin, Sadie Hewes, and Abby Miner.

As a bonus, the audience was given a free History lesson from the Voices of the Ages. Of course all our inductees aced the test.

Congratulations to all the inductees!

Upcoming CREATE Conference

For those interested in seeing how Eastern majors illuminate the past, you have a rare opportunity to witness them in action. On Friday, April 15, the Eastern campus will be hosting the 2016 Celebrating Research Excellence and Artistic Talent (CREATE, in case you’re new to acronyms) conference. The History department will be represented by Emily Komornik (speaking on early American rebellion and religion), Talia Erris (turn-of-the-century feminism), Christopher Morris (the Red Scare), and Morgan Considine (terrorism).

For details, check out the CREATE website here.

History was Made

And made well. The Eastern contingent of the “Making History” conference returned on March 11.

In was has become an annual affair, the four chairs of History Departments at Western, Central, Eastern and Southern hosted the second annual CSU “Making History” Conference. This year the conference took place at CCSU. As last year, both faculty and students presented their research papers and posters. Eastern’s Department of History was well-represented. Professor Thomas Balcerski presented a paper “Beards, Bachelors, and Brides: The Surprisingly Spicy Politics of the Presidential Election of 1856.” Professor Joan Meznar presented a paper on “Religion and Abolition of Slavery in Brazil.” Students Jacqueline Ray and Bethany Marion prepared a poster on “Samson Occom’s Life and Legacy;” Carl Kraus presented on “Colonial Norwich: Slave Society or Society with Slaves?”; Sabreena Croeau spoke on “The Detrimental Effects of the U.S. – Saudi Arabian Alliance,” and Christopher J. Morris presented a paper “Got a Donkey in the Crosshairs: The Partisan Anticommunism of Senator Joseph McCarthy.” Students Alaina Torromeo and McKenzie Korte, whose papers on colonial slavery in Connecticut were also in the program, were unable to participate in the conference.

Student and faculty presenters (L-R): Jacqueline Ray, Dr. Anna Kirchmann, Dr. Joan Meznar, Sabreena Croteau, Bethany Marion, Christopher Morris, Carl Krauss, and Dr. Thomas Balcerski

Student and faculty presenters (L-R): Jacqueline Ray, Dr. Anna Kirchmann, Dr. Joan Meznar, Sabreena Croteau, Bethany Marion, Christopher Morris, Carl Krauss, and Dr. Thomas Balcerski

In addition to the presenters and the Department’s Chair Dr. Kirchmann, several of the students from the History Club attended the conference. While at the conference, the Eastern group was glad to run into two recent history alumni, Bethany Niebank and Jared Leitzel, who are now graduate students in Central’s public history program.

Dr. Kirchmann commented: “‘Making History’ brings together both faculty and students in our four departments and while facilitating the exchange of academic knowledge, it helps us to get to know each other better. This year’s conference was a great event, which allowed our students to experience first-hand a professional conference. All our presenters did a fantastic job and I was very proud of them.”

Eastern Attendees at the 2016 Making History conference

Eastern Attendees at the 2016 Making History conference. From L to R, back to front: Dr. Ania Kirchmann, Jacqueline Ray, Sabrina Bell, Dr. Joan Meznar, Sabreena Croteau, Chris Morris, Carl Krauss, Dr. Thomas Balcerski, History alum Jared Leitzel, Sara Dean, Bethany Marion, Alexa Potter, and History alum Bethany Niebanck.