History Alumna Christine Geer reports from grad school in Boston

We are pleased to hear from History/Social Science major and recent graduate Christine Geer, who was a recipient of the Outstanding History/Social Science Student award for 2015, as well as a member of Phi Alpha Theta. Christine is now pursuing a graduate degree in public health, her minor at Eastern, at Boston University. She writes that she enjoys both BU and living in the big city. Christine credits her academic success in graduate school to the academic rigor of the Eastern history program; she writes:

“I have to say how much I think my degree in history & social sciences is helping me. I’m taking a policy course and a behavioral theory course, and I think I am much better prepared than some other students who did not come from this background.  All of the practice with researching and writing has paid off, too! Admittedly, though, I am thankful to take a break from Chicago Style citations (ha-ha). I believe I might be the only teacher in the program, so that gives me a unique perspective and skill-set, also.”

Thanks, Christine, for keeping in touch!

C-SPAN American History TV comes to Eastern!

On Thursday, November 12, 2015, Professor Balcerski’s HIS 120: Early American History to 1877 class was filmed by C-SPAN American History TV for their program “Lectures in History.”  Professor Balcerski delivered a lecture entitled “The Political Culture of the Antebellum Congress.”  The lecture will eventually air on television (date TBD) and the show’s web site at URL: http://www.c-span.org/series/?lecturesInHistory

Professor Balcerski lectures to his HIS 120 class for C-SPAN American History TV.

Politics inspired by History

Recent Eastern graduate Kyle Donovan (double major in Political Science and Sociology, with a History minor) was recently elected to the town of Manchester’s Board of Directors. The Hartford Courant profiled him before the election here. Drawing on the skills learned in his History courses, he’ll undoubtedly conduct library research to uncover long-forgotten ideas for municipal tax reform. Congrats to Kyle.

Debate over Manifest Destiny

In HIS 241: The American Frontier, students debated the question: “To what extent was manifest destiny inevitable?”  Divided into two larger teams—either “For” or “Against” the question—each side was asked to work in smaller groups to prepare key points of supporting evidence.  From these smaller teams, two spokespersons were chosen (nicknamed “Lewis and Clark”) to participate in the debate, with one sub-group each offering an opening statement of five minutes, a rebuttal of two minutes, and open-ended debate of five minutes.  Professor Balcerski scored the debate.  Each side offered compelling commentary on the historical questions of expansion of the American nation, the process of frontier settlement, and the removal of Native Americans.  While both sides faithfully defined their views, Professor Balcerski awarded the win to the “Against” team.  Both sides left with smiles on their face, as seen in the photo taken after the debate.

Students who debated pose for the camera in the American Frontier class

Academic Open House Fair

On Sunday, October 11, 2015, over 600 visitors, prospective students and their families, participated in an Open House at Eastern. Alaiana Torromeo, a History and Social Science major, the Department of History student worker, and a recent recipient of the History Department’s Roth Scholarship, helped to staff the History information booth at the Academic Fair. Together with the Department’s Chair Dr. Anna Kirchmann, they spoke to prospective history majors and their families and answered their questions about the history program and departmental events and activities.

Congrats to History grad John Allen

We just heard from our recent alum, John Allen, who has started in his new job as a Social Studies teacher at Putnam High School. John is teaching Civics to four classes of Freshmen and AP American Government to a class of Sophomores. He says he enjoys teaching very much and feels well prepared to meet the challenges of his new role. He credits Eastern professors from the Department of History for that, and particularly Professors Tucker, Meznar, Higginbotham and Kirchmann, who offered him their support throughout his college career. “I am proud that I am an Eastern grad,” says John. And we are very proud of you, John Allen!

Because we’re never done Making History

The Chair persons of History Departments from Eastern, Central, Western, and Southern met last month to discuss the organization of the second annual research conference “Making History.” The first conference, which took place last Spring at Southern, featured presentations from both students and faculty members, and became a great success. In the Spring 2016, “Making History” will be hosted by the History Department at Central. Save the date: March 11, 2016!

Conference organizers and departmental chairs (from left): Dr. Katherine Hermes (CCSU), Dr. Kevin Gutzman (WSCU), Dr. Anna Kirchmann (ESCU), and Dr. Troy Paddock (SCSU).

Mock GREs

For those interested in going on to grad school, many graduate programs (in many disciplines) require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). It’s a good idea to take a practice exam if at all possible.

So this semester, Psi Chi, the honor society in Psychology, will be hosting four sessions of the Mock GREs here at Eastern. This computerized test is created by ETS, and scores are provided at the end of the session.

Sessions will occur on: October 6 from 6-8 PM; October 9 from 3-5 PM; November 11 from 1-3 PM; and November 12 from 6-8 PM.

All sessions will be in Webb 307, and the cost is $5, paid in cash or check made out to ECSU Psi Chi (paid at the testing session). Proceeds go to the Rich Bronson Scholarship Fund to defer costs of graduate school for Psi Chi members.

Please email Dr. James Diller in Psychology (dillerj@easternct.edu) to reserve a seat.

Registration Approacheth

It’s that time of the year – time to have nightmares about being closed out of courses and failing to graduate on time. You can avoid such concerns by signing up to meet with your History advisor, and then registering on time.

The new Advisement Newsletter can be found here.

The details:
eWeb opens for registration at 7:00 on the morning of the student’s assigned registration start date.


Advisement Dates

Registration Start Date

Credit Range

Senior October 5 -9 October 12 90 or more credits earned
Junior October 12 – 16 October 19 60 – to under 90 credits earned
Sophomore October 19 – 23 October 26 30 – to under 60 credits earned
Freshman November 2 – 6 November 9 Under 30 credits earned