African-American and Third World Studies Minor

African-American and Third World Studies Minor

African American/Third World Studies is an interdisciplinary program which focuses on the study of the cultures, philosophies politics, social-political structures, economies, arts, and music of African American and Third World peoples who share post-colonial and post-imperial experiences. The minor consists of 18 credits.

Required Courses
AAT201Introduction to African American/Third World Studies3
HIS116Introduction to Modern World3

In addition to the required courses, students choose to follow one of two tracks: track A- African American or Track B-Third World.

A student Must complete three courses from Track A and one course from Track B for the African American focus; or three courses from Track B and one course from Track A for the Third World focus.

Cultural Content Areas
Note: An asterisk(*) denotes that prior approval of the program coordinator is required. Students wishing to apply courses other courses other than the ones listed below must first reveive permission of the program coordinator.

Track A-African American
ENG242*Literature and Social Issues
ENG255African American Literature
ENG344Literature of Africa
ENG345American Ethnic Minority Literature
HIS243Churches and the Civil Rights Movement
HIS245African American Religion
HIS321African American History to 1877
HIS322African American History Sonce 1877
FLM322*Film Appreciation: World Cinema
MUS314*Folk Music
PSC422Seminar: The United States
SOC250Social Inequality
Track B-Third World
ANT264Medical Anthropology (Health Behaviors)
ANT337Urban Anthropology: Third World Focus
ENG344Literature of Africa
FLM322*Film Appreciation: World Cinema
HIS116Introduction to Modern World
HIS355Development of Socialism
HIS375History of Japan
MUS130Introduction to World Music
PHI210Asian Philosophies
PSC230Middle Eastern Politics
PSC250Asian Politics
PSC420Seminar: The United States and Asia
PSC422Seminar: The United States and the Middle East and Africa
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