Smoking: Aids to Quitting

Smoking: Aids to Quitting

iQUITat HiTOPS: Stop smoking from your friends at HiTOPS

A technology-based smoking cessation site using Facebook, pod casts, text messaging and web-based aids to help you quit.

View the iQUIT website.

Clearing the Air: How to quit smoking & quit for keeps

A very comprehensive, practical site about all aspects of what to expect and how to prepare to quit smoking successfully. Prepared by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

View the “Clearing the Air” web site

How to Quit: Useful Resources

Lots of tips for quitting, prepared by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control

View the CDC website, on quitting smoking.

American Lung Association’s Freedom From SmokingĀ® Online Program

A recently upgraded, free version of the American Lung Association’s smoking cessation program.

View the American Lung Association FFS website.

Quit Net: Quit all together

A online self-help support group to help you quit smoking. Founded and maintained by Boston University.

View the Quit Net website.

Joe Chemo: A camel who wished he’d never smoked

From Wesleyan University, this site attempts to portray “a more honest image of smoking than the Joe Camel character used by R. J. Reynolds.”

View the Joe Chemo website.