English Core

English Major:
BA Degree Requirements

The minimum requirements for the major total 42 credits beyond the Liberal Arts Core (with a C or better for each course).

Gateway courses: (Take Both)
ENG202Introduction to English Studies3
ENG203Writing for English Majors3
One Historical Survey course chosen from:
ENG212American Literature to 18653
ENG213American Literature from 18653
ENG214English Literature to 17983
ENG215English Literature from 17983
ENG356Women Writers to 19003
One course in Women Writers chosen from:
ENG228Poetry of Women3
ENG307Medieval Women Mystics3
ENG352Lesbian Literature3
ENG356Women Writers to 19003
ENG35720th Century Women Writers3
One course in Literature of Race, Culture and Power chosen from:
ENG255African American Literature3
ENG256Native American Literature3
ENG258Asian American Literature3
ENG259Chicano/Chicana Literature and Culture3
ENG344Literature of Africa3
ENG345American Minority Ethnic Literature3
One course in Early Period chosen from:
ENG 307Medieval Women Mystics 3
ENG316Medieval British Literature3
ENG317Renaissance Literature3
ENG32317th Century English Poetry3
ENG327Renaissance Drama3
ENG335Shakespeare's Comedies3
ENG336Shakespeare's Tragedies3
One course in Middle Period (18th/19th centuries) chosen from:
ENG318Restoration Literature3
ENG319Age of Sensibility3
ENG320Victorian Literature3
ENG322The Romantic Period3
ENG331Early 18th Century Literature and Culture 3
ENG342Literature of New England3
One course in Late Period (20th/21st centuries) chosen from:
ENG234Contemporary Fiction3
ENG257Contemporary Drama and Society3
ENG325Modern Drama3
ENG332Modern British & American Poetry3
ENG333The Modern Novel3
ENG334Post Modern and Contemporary Poetry3
ENG350Southwestern Literature3
ENG35720th Century Women Writers3
One course in Language Studies chosen from:
ENG340History and Development of the English Language3
ENG341Modern American Grammar3
ENG347African American English & Verbal Traditions3
ENG370Composition Theory and Pedagogy3
ENG371Rhetorical Theory and Criticism3
ENG373Studies in Rhetoric3
ENG374The Rhetoric of the Hollywood Film3
ENG375Language Acquisition in Young Children3
ENG380Creative Nonfiction Writing 3
Two three-credit sequential Senior Seminars:
ENG461Seminar I3
ENG462Seminar II3
Three English Elective (Including Internships)
Total Credits42

English Major Exit Portfolio Requirement
The English Department requires each English major to turn in a writing portfolio to the department chairperson as a graduation requirement. See the English Major Exit Portfolio Requirement.

The department chairperson will report completion of the exit portfolio to the Registrar, who will enter ENG 075 on the student’s transcript.

Portfolios are due no later than last day of final exams week if you want to graduate at the end of the semester.

Additional Information:

  • Occasionally, special Topics ENG 365 courses may fulfill a required category. Check with your advisor or consult the “What’s New” link on the department home page.
  • A student must take at least four 300-level English courses.
  • When a course is listed in two categories, it can fulfill both. A student may need to take English elective credits in order to get to 42 credits.
  • Credits for ENG 100 College Writing cannot be used as part of the 42 credits required for the English major, nor can credit for ENG 241, Critical and Creative Thinking.
  • ENG 461/462 (Senior Seminar) meets Writing Intensive requirement. ENG 462 meets Tier III requirement.

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