Writing Minor

Writing Minor:

The Writing minor complements a student’s major with coursework that allows students to exercise their imaginations through disciplined work in craft of writing. The goal is for students to develop and refine their individual skills, informed by a broad aesthetic and cultural background. The sequence aims to serve the novice writer as well as the more experienced student, with options for focusing on creative writing (fiction and poetry) as well as composition and rhetoric.

The Wring minor consists of an 18-credit sequence. (See “Requirements” below.) For English majors, 9 of the 18 credits must be earned in addition to the 42 needed to fulfill the English major requirement. Thus, an English major with a Writing minor will be required to complete 51 total credits in English beyond the LAC.

Courses to be counted must receive a grade of 2.0 or higher.

Approval of a course of study for the Writing minor program by the department chairperson is required.

Requirements for the writing minor (6 credits):
ENG200Reading and Writing Argument3
ENG205Introduction to Creative Writing3
Twelve (12) credits from the following:
ENG206Multimodal Writing Workshop
ENG300Business and Technical Writing3
ENG301Writing Fiction3
ENG302Writing Poetry3
ENG309Writing for Children and Young Adults3
ENG370Composition Theory & Pedagogy3
ENG371Rhetorical Theory & Criticism3
ENG372Creative Writing Abroad3
ENG 373Studies in Rhetoric3
ENG380Creative Nonfiction3
ENG381Advanced Fiction Workshop3
ENG382Advanced Poetry Workshop3
ENG383Literary Publishing3
ENG480Independent Study in Creative Writing or
Rhetoric and Composition
ENG493Internship in College Writing3-6
ENG495Internship in Writing or Editing3-6
Total Credits18

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Occasionally, an ENG 365 special topics course can be used as part of the Writing minor. However, only pre-approved special topics courses will receive Writing minor credit.  Do not assume every course numbered 365 will count! When in doubt, check with the department chair or the professor of the course before you enroll in it.

Program Description

The craft of writing is one that improves with dedication and continued practice and pursuit.  The Writing minor allows students in all disciplines interested in writing to develop their craft through a series of incremental, relevant courses.  On a practical level, many students with a Writing minor go on to get jobs as teachers, editors, freelance writers, business and advertising executives, and published authors.  The ability to write well, and to think creatively, can be a viable asset in a surprising number of fields.

The Writing minor offers the opportunity to learn the craft of writing by studying the works of published writers, by writing and revising their own work, and by examining, critiquing, and supporting each others’ work in and out of class.