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The Education department prepares graduates for teaching positions in a variety of educational settings, from early childhood through elementary and secondary education through undergraduate and graduate certification programs. Candidates gain competence and skills in pedagogy; academic content areas; educational technology; and knowledge integration, while also demonstrating how to create learning environments that support student diversity. Professionalism and alignment with institutional, state, and national standards are also emphasized in the program. Eastern’s teacher preparation program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Faculty members also offer a wide variety of on-campus and online graduate courses and programs for teachers to further develop their knowledge and teaching ability. For information on the Education Department’s Conceptual Framework, visit Education Unit’s Conceptual Framework.

Department Office
Dr. Jeanelle Day
Webb 129
phone number(860) 465-4532
fax number(860) 465-5099
Associate Chair:
Dr. Ann Anderberg
CECE 211
phone number(860) 465-0109
fax number(860) 465-5099
Ms. Fran Champney
Webb Hall, Rm. 124
phone number(860) 465-4530
fax number(860) 465-5099