Political Economics Degree Requirements

Political Economics Major:
BA Degree Requirements

The Political Economy specialization is suitable for students who are interested in pursuing a career in government, social services, education, or law, and for those interested in getting a broad education in the social sciences. Political Economy emphasizes the interaction between history, social and cultural factors, and economics, so students in this area take non-technical courses from several disciplines.

The following courses are required for all Political Economy majors:

Political Economics Required Courses
ECO200Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECO201Principles of Microeconomics3
ECO215Statistics for Business and Economics3
ECO479Senior Economics Seminar3
ECO490Internship or Co-op3
An additional Three courses fromt the Economic courses listed below
ECO310Contemporary Economic Problems and Issues3
ECO315Law and Economics3
ECO320Developing Economies3
ECO325Money and Banking3
ECO329Political Economy of Labor Relations3
ECO330Labor Economics3
ECO335Urban and Regional Economics3
ECO340Business Cycles and Forcasting3
ECO345Industrial Organization and Development3
ECO350International Economics3
ECO353International Monetary Economics3
ECO355International Political Economy3
ECO360Comparative Economic System3
ECO370History of Economic Thought3
ECO377Public Finance3
ECO465Special Topics in Economics3
An additional FIVE courses from the Mathematics courses listed below
SWK325Social Welfare3
SOC250Social Inequality3
SOC355Latin America: Change and Development3
HIS205European History 1815-19143
HIS250History of New England3
HIS272News and Views3
HIS313The Gilded Age to World War I3
HIS315The United States Between the Wars3
HIS316The United States After World War II3
HIS320Connecticut History3
HIS375History of Japan3
PSC305Comparative Public Administration3
PSC345Electoral Politics3
PSC350Public Policy and Decision-Making3
NES250History of New England3
ANT337Urban Anthropology3
BUS370Business Perspectives Canada/U.S.3
Total Credits39
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