Mathematical Economics Degree Requirements

Mathematical Economics Major:
BA Degree Requirements

This program serves the interests of those students who seek immediate career opportunities in business. By combining course work from economics and business/accounting with an optional internship or coop in a business in the U.S. or overseas, Business Economics students are prepared to enter jobs in finance, marketing or general administration.

The following courses are required for all Mathematics Economic majors:

Mathematical Economics Required Courses
ECO200Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECO201Principles of Microeconomics3
ECO215Statistics for Business and Economics3
ECO300Mathematics for Economics3
ECO301Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis3
ECO302Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis3
ECO305Introduction to Econometrics3
ECO375Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics3
ECO479Senior Economics Seminar3
ECO490Internship or Co-op3
An additional ONE courses from the Economic courses listed below:
ECO310Contemporary Economic Problems and Issues3
ECO315Law and Economics3
ECO320Developing Economies3
ECO325Money and Banking3
ECO329Political Economy of Labor Relations3
ECO330Labor Economics3
ECO335Urban and Regional Economics3
ECO340Business Cycles and Forcasting3
ECO345Industrial Organization and Development3
ECO350International Economics3
ECO353International Monetary Economics3
ECO355International Political Economy3
ECO360Comparative Economic System3
ECO370History of Economic Thought3
ECO377Public Finance3
ECO465Special Topics in Economics3
An additional TWO courses from the Mathematics courses listed below:
MAT243Calculus I with Technology3
MAT244Calculus II with Technology3
MAT315Applied Probability and Statistics3
MAT340Calculus III3
MAT341Differential Equations3
Total Credits39
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