Referring Students

Referring Students

How to Make a Referral

If you become aware that a student is having personal or family problems (e.g. illness of a family member), it is often helpful to ask: “Who have you talked to about this?”

If you believe that a student would benefit from a referral for counseling, and the student is not currently involved in counseling, it is usually best to openly express your concern and make a suggestion to the student. It is generally better to recommend counseling and allow the student to make his or her decision. However, if a student appears to need help immediately, offer to call CAPS with the student present.

If you call the CAPS on behalf of a student, identify yourself and explain to the receptionist that you are assisting a student in making an appointment; then, if possible, allow the student to speak with the receptionist to schedule an appointment time.

It is almost always appropriate for you to check back with the student to see if he or she has followed through on your referral for counseling. If you want information from the CAPS staff about a student, please let the student and/or our staff know. We will need to have the student sign an authorization form that gives our staff permission to give you information about the student.

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