Fingerprint and Background Check

Fingerprinting and Background Check

EASTCONN has already visited campus this semester to perform the Fingerprinting and Background Check process.  An on campus session has been scheduled for the Fall semester on the following dates:

Tuesday September 23, 2014
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Student Center, Room 223
Wednesday September 24, 2014
8:30 AM To 4:30 PM
Student Center, Room 223

If you are unable to attend one these fingerprinting sessions, you MUST complete the Background Check and Fingerprinting at one of the following State Mandated Regional Education Service Centers

CT Approved Regional Education Service Centers

The Connecticut State Department of Education requires fingerprinting and background checks for teacher candidates be completed at the following Regional Education Resource Centers:

  • ACES, 350 State Street, North Haven (203) 498-6800
  • CES, 40 Lindeman Drive, Trumbull (203) 365-8800
  • CREC, 111 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford (860) 247-2732
  • EASTCONN, 376 Hartford Turnpike, Hampton (860) 455-1550
  • LEARN, 44 Hatchetts Hill Road, Old Lyme (860) 434-4800
  • Education Connection, 355 Goshen Road, Litchfield (860) 567-0863

Bring two forms of identification and
payment in the form of cash or MC/Visa cards. The fee is $48.