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All teacher candidates admitted by CARE after April 2013 are required to create and use their Tk20 account. To access the Tk20 portal click here.

Forward Fingerprinting and Background Check Results:
After you receive your clinical or student teaching assignment, complete the Fingerprinting and Background Request Form to forward the results of your background check to your assigned district.

You may bring the completed form to the Education office to be faxed. Completed forms should be placed in the box on the desk so that your personal information is not visible.
Click here for more information about the fingerprinting process

Department Office
Mary-Grace Shifrin
Webb Hall, Rm. 144
(860) 465-0111
(860) 465-5099
University Assistant:
Kathy Olson
Webb Hall, Rm. 124
(860) 465-4534
(860) 465-5099

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