Guidelines on Gifted Middle and High School Students Taking University Courses

Guidelines on Gifted Middle and High School Students Taking University Courses

These guidelines have been developed to enable gifted and talented students of middle and high school age to attend regular university level courses as non-matriculated students.*

Criteria and Process for Getting Permission to Enroll in Courses

  1. The students must submit a written recommendation from the school counselor or principal indicating their ability to perform well in a college course.
  2. The student must communicate with the Eastern instructor and receive written permission to attend the course.
  3. The student can enroll for one or more courses each semester or summer session by submitting the following to the Dean of the School of Continuing Education:
    • Recommendation Letter(s) from the high school counselor or principal
    • Written or email documentation from the Eastern instructor approving the student to take the course
    • Completed registration form
  4. The Dean of the School of Continuing Education will then give the final approval to enroll in the course(s). She will note her approval on the registration form. The School of Continuing Education will keep copies of all the documents.
  5. The student will bring the original documents and the approved registration form to the Registrar’s Office, in Wood Hall, to be registered for the course.
  6. Approval to enroll is granted on a space available basis.
  7. The student can audit the course or enroll for credit. Whether the course is taken for audit or credit, the student will pay all applicable tuition and fees.
  8. Permission is granted only to attend the approved course(s). It does not extend to other services or activities offered by the University.

*Guidelines do not apply to WHIP (Windham High School Incentive Program) students.

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