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Global Field Courses (GFC)

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What is a Global Field Course?

The Office of Continuing Studies and Enhanced Learning at Eastern, working with many of Eastern’s academic departments, offers Global Field Courses (GFC) throughout the academic year. All programs offer the opportunity to earn at least three credits while traveling with one or more Eastern faculty.

As a GFC student you will travel as a group with other enrolled students and are accompanied at all times. The Credit earned is regular Eastern credit, and, unlike transfer credit, you earn a letter grade.

Many Eastern students have participated in these programs led by faculty, which range in length from 1-5 weeks, and have focused on countries or regions on five continents. The GFC programs serve a growing population of students–those not able to spend an entire semester or academic year abroad. Such international experiences serve to reinforce a global and liberal arts focus to a student’s professional preparation.

Studying in a remote location from campus is a great way to experience a new culture. There is no better way to learn about yourself, expand your view of the world and develop real life skills than by spending time in a different country or in another region of the United States. First begin by exploring our site using the navigation links on this page.

If you would prefer to study in another country for a semester or a year, please, visit:

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