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Eastern Equivalent Credits and Passing Scores for DSST Examinations

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Minimum passing scores to obtain credit for these examinations are indicated below. Subject codes with a number followed by two XXs (i.e. BUS 1XX) indicate that the course is transferred as a subject elective.

Name of Examination

Eastern's Equivalent



Passing Score

Credits Granted

Applied Technology
SF/SG/SH/SL 820Technical Writing**ENG 300 Business and Technical Writing463
SF/SG/SH/SL 524Principles of FinanceBUS 245 Business Finance46/4003
SG/SH/SL/SM 525Principles of Financial Accounting ACC 201Principles of Accounting I473
SG/SH/SL/SM 530Human Resource ManagementBUS 333Human Resource Management463
SF/SG/SH/SL 531Organizational BehaviorBUS 331Organizational Behavior483
SE/SF/SG/SH 532Principles of SupervisionBUS 234Supervision and Training46/4003
SF/SH 534Business Law IIBUS 300Business Law II443
SG/SH/SL/SM 536Introduction to ComputingCSC 100Computer ConceptsVC45/4003
SE/SF/SG/SH 543Introduction to BusinessBUS 1XXBusiness Elective46/4003
SG/SH/SL/SM 548Money and BankingECO 325Money and Banking483
SE/SF/SG/SH 550Personal FinanceBUS 1XXBusiness Elective46/4003
SE/SF/SG/SH 551Management Information SystemsCSC 2XXComputer Science ElectiveT2lT46/4003
SF/SG/SH/SL 812Business MathematicsMAT 1XXMathematics ElectiveT1M48/4003
SI/SO/SY 475Business Ethics and SocietyBUS 3XXBusiness Elective4003
SF/SG/SH/SM 474Ethics in America**PHI 220EthicsIC1T1LT46/4003
SF/SG/SH/SL 496Introduction to World ReligionsPHI 310Philosophy and Psychology of ReligionIVA48/4003
SE/SF/SG/SH 815Principles of Public Speaking*COM 230Basic Speech473
SF/SG/SH/SL 424Fundamentals of College Algebra MAT 098Elementary Algebra47/4000
SF/SH/SL/SM 450Principles of Statistics MAT 203Statistical Decisions in SocietyIA48/4003
Physical Science
SF/SG/SH/SL 500AstronomyAST 214Descriptive AstronomyIIIBT1NS483
SF/SG/SH/SL 508Here's to Your Health HPE 210 Personal Health48/4003
SF/SG/SH/SL 511Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the PlanetEES 315Environmental Science & Society IAT2NS46/4003
SE/SF/SG/SH 512Principles of Physical Science I PHS 101 Introduction to the Physical WorldIIIBT1NS473
SF/SG/SH/SL 519Physical GeologyEES 110Introduction to GeologyIIIBT1NS463
Social Science
SE/SF 461Art of the Western WorldFAH 230Fine Arts Appreciation: HistoricalIB483
SF/SG/SH/SL 465Western Europe Since 1945HIS 206Twentieth Century Europe453
SF/SG/SH/SL 469Introduction to the Modern Middle East HIS 2XXHistory Elective IC2473
SF/SG/SH/SL 470Human/Cultural Geography GEO 100Introduction to GeographyIVB483
SF/SG/SH/SL 471Rise and Fall of the Soviet UnionHIS 2XXHistory Elective453
SG/SH/SL/SM 473A History of the Vietnam WarHIS 2XXHistory Elective443
SE/SF/SG/SH 483The Civil War and ReconstructionHIS 307Civil War and Reconstruction47/4003
SE/SF/SG/SH 489Foundations of EducationEDU 1XXEducation Elective463
SF/SG/SH/SL 490Lifespan Developmental PsychologyPSY 2XXPsychology Elective463
SF/SG 494General AnthropologyANT 106Cultural AnthropologyIVAT1SS473
SE/SF/SG/SH 495Substance AbuseSWK 344Substance Abuse49/4003
SG/SH/SL/SM 497 Intro to Law Enforcement SOC 1XXSociology Elective453
SF/SG/SH/SL 498Criminal Justice SOC 101Criminal Justice and Society49/4003
SG/SH/SL/SM 562Fundamentals of CounselingSOC 1XX Sociology Elective453

*In addition to a passing score on the test, an exam taker must also receive a passing grade on the speech. *Eastern accepts credit for this exam but does not offer this exam at our testing site

**Course does not meet Writing Intensive Requirements. Consists of an optional essay portion. Eastern Connecticut State University does not require the essay.

Note: Please see your advisor for appropriate DSST options to meet your individual needs.