Mentoring & Tutoring

Mentoring & Tutoring

As a participant in our mentoring and tutoring programs, you will engage with students as an academic and moral role model. Our programs span from working with young students just beginning their academic career to high school students who are gearing up for thier future endeavors. Through these programs, you may assist in planning and implementing activities on a variety of topics including academic, nutrition, and health, homework help, and encourage students to pursue their interests and goals.

Programs may occur during the regular school day as well as after school hours.

Elementary Schools


North Windham Elementary Afterschool Program

Windham Center Elementary Afterschool Program

Natchaug Elementary Afterschool Program at Windham Middle School

Sweeney Elementary Afterschool Program

Cooking/Nutriotn Classes

Middle Schools

Windham Middle School Afterschool Program (WMS)

Cooking/Nutrition Classes

Windham High School

Windham High School

Sister to Sister

Brother to Brother

Food Justice Group

Unique Programs

Puentes al Futuro (Bridges to the Future)

Project Academic Advancement

Junior Achievement

Girl Scouts

Nutrition and Health Focused Programs

4-H Health Hands

Windham High School: Food Justice Committee

North Windham Elementary School: Food & Nutrition focus

Natchaug Elementary School: Food & Nutrition focus

Windham Middle School: Food & Nutrition focus

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