Dane Paracuelles

Internship Title: Employer Relations Intern

Employer: Center for Internships and Career Development

Major: Communication

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Here in the Center of Internships and Career Development, we not only help students prepare for and obtain amazing internships, we also provide internship opportunities ourselves. Dane Paracuelles, a senior Communication major, was one of the many interns to work for the Center for Internships and Career Development as an Employer Relations Intern.

During his internship, Dane’s variety of responsibilities ranged from event planning to reaching out to professionals in numerous fields of work. “Some of my responsibilities involved recruiting institutions of high education and businesses for the Fall Graduate School Fair and Career/Internship Fair…” says Dane. “This required a lot of organization, especially with keeping in close communication with the places I contacted”.  Through his internship at the Center for Internships and Career Development, Dane was not only able to exercise his own skills in writing, networking and event planning, but he also contributed to delivering helpful career-related resources to the entire Eastern Community.

When we asked Dane what advice he would give to a student who is currently looking for an Internship, he stressed the importance of utilizing the Center for Internships and Career Development. “[What] I really appreciated were the resources and choices available to me.” added Dane. “Not only was I able to use them as a resource to find an internship, but also to perfect my resume for future job searches”.

The professional staff in the Center for Internships and Career Development urge all students to take advantage of the center’s one-on-one career counseling, workshops and online resources. Whether you are looking for the perfect internship, need assistance writing a strong resume or just need help getting started, a quick visit to the 2nd floor of Wood support Services could mean the difference between just getting a job and starting a career.

Written by Andrew Way

Kurt Turnier

Internship Title: Housing Intern

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University’s Department of Housing and Residential Life

Major: Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date: December 2015

Recently, there has been a tremendous increase in interest in the field of Higher Education Student Affairs.  Schools across the country are not only working to improve themselves academically; they are also striving to enhance the student experience. This has resulted in increased demand for professionals looking to be a part of this change. Here at the Center for Internships and Career Development, we are fully equipped to provide advice and help you network within these fields. The close knit Eastern Connecticut State University community provides a wide array of on-campus internship opportunities to help develop future Student Affairs professionals. A shining example is Kurt Turnier, a Business Administration major in his senior year, whose career goals include impacting the lives of college students through a career in Student Affairs.

Working as an Intern at Eastern’s own Department of Housing and Residential Life, Kurt was able to play a very active role in the day to day workings of the professional Housing Staff. Amongst the many responsibilities Kurt was assigned, the most notable included evaluating the school’s Themed Housing initiative, analyzing department assessment data and examining the best practices implemented in professional training programs. “Interning for the office of Housing and Residential Life [has helped] expand my knowledge as I pursue a career in Student Affairs and Higher Education.” says Kurt. “There are a variety of departments in this field and starting within the housing department will help me in getting my foot in door for others.” With the expansive knowledge and experience offered by the Department of Housing and Residential Life, Kurt’s chances of being selected for top programs across the country have been increased tremendously. To complement his experience, the Eastern Community allows Kurt to network easily, allowing him to help him find the perfect fit for himself for his future career.

Surely, Kurt’s success in finding such a beneficial internship has helped him tremendously. Kurt advises all who are currently on the hunt to stay connected to the professionals they know now, while also branching out their network to larger organizations. He stresses the importance of going out and networking in person. “Keep asking around. Current, former employers, friends and family can all help in your job search. You can even contact administrators directly and ask if they have internship opportunities that relate to your goals.” When asked how the Center for Internships and Career Development has helped him, Kurt stated, “The Center for internships and Career Development has always been a resource for me while at Eastern. The Director, Clifford Marrett, helped point me in the right direction as far as what career path I should be headed towards…”

Written by Andrew Way

Brett Boissonneault

Internship Title: Business Intern

Employer: Farmer’s Cow

Major: Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

For some students, their ultimate goal is to work for organizations in their home communities and create change from within. Here at Eastern, many students share this passion, and as a result surrounding businesses open their doors to the young and motivated students looking for internships. Junior Brett Boissonneault, who majors in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance shares his local community internship experience.

Priding itself on its ability to produce natural products and farm-fresh goods, The Farmer’s Cow has made a huge impact within our community and our state. By participating as a Business Intern, Brett was able to take full advantage of what Farmer’s Cow had to offer its employees. He was able to network and expand his understanding of common business practices beyond the confines of the classroom. “This internship helped me to see the day-to-day operations of a large organization.” says Brett.  Brett became involved in implementing new, and altering existing marketing strategies, having a direct effect on how the company reaches its clientele.

Brett would like to let all students know, especially those who are currently on the hunt for internships or jobs, that they should keep their own career goals in mind when it comes time to choose a position. “Find somewhere you would enjoy to work. You have to think about the big picture. Ask yourself ’How will this help me in my career down the road?’ and then execute!” says Brett.

As always, whenever you take on the endeavor of finding a job or internship, make sure you stop by the Center for Internships and Career Development. We can not only help you market yourself to future employers, but also help in refining the essential skills to help you ace that next interview!


Written by Andrew Way

Kevin Jules

Internship Title: Investments Intern

Employer: Gottier Investments

Major: Finance

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

When it comes to finding the right internship, one thing every student needs to keep in mind is the specific type of experience they will gain as an intern. Kevin Jules, a Finance major in his senior year, knew the value of this and with the help of the Center for Internships and Career Development, managed to land an outstanding internship at Gottier Investments.

Like many Eastern Students, Kevin sought help from the Center of Internships and Career Development in finding the right internship. With the guidance of the professional and student staff, Kevin was able to obtain multiple offers from various companies and financial firms. “I was fortunate and had a couple of internship opportunities.  Another option was closer to campus, but in the end, I chose the internship that was more relevant to my personal interests and career goals.”

Having interests in many financial fields, Kevin’s opportunities for a career come in a wide variety. Kevin made sure to choose an internship which gave him various experiences, helping him build on top of what he has learned already in the classroom. When asked how his internship related to his future career, Kevin shared that he obtained experience  dealing with stocks, investment banking and learning the “do’s and don’ts” of the trading market. While with Gottier Investments, Kevin’s hands-on experience helped him not only strengthen his professional experience, but also expand his professional network. Through networking, Kevin was able to open doors that the typical finance major may not have access to, giving him an edge over the competition.

If you are a student who is currently considering an internship, or in the process of finding one, Kevin suggests starting as soon as possible. Based on his own experience, Kevin stresses the importance of taking advantage of the Center for Internships and Career Development. “…The Center is helpful and supportive. They help to direct you when you’re having a tough time and feeling lost within the process” says Kevin. He also encourages those already in the process not to give up when the going gets tough. “The searching can be very time consuming and it can get discouraging when the results don’t come out as you would like them to… you can’t give up, and you need to keep pushing onwards!”


Written by Andrew Way

Samantha Lew

Internship Title: Community Support and Recovery Program Intern

Employer: Reliance House Inc.

Major: Psychology

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

If you are like most of the students here at Eastern, you know already about the great opportunities our school offers in volunteer and community work. With countless options for helping to serve our communities, internships are just another facet in being able to become involved. In past success stories, we have already discussed the importance on internships and how they may help a student find the perfect fit for a future career. In addition to that, some internships help you stand out from the rest of the pack, by applying your skills in community service projects. Samantha Lew, a psychology major in her senior year, made sure the Internship she chose had an impact on our surrounding community.

As a Community Support and Recovery Program Intern at Reliance House Inc., Samantha’s daily work includes administrative duties such as quality assurance, auditing and state fidelity paperwork. In addition, Samantha spends much of her time participating with her co-workers in course programming for clients.

When I first began searching for an internship, I knew I wanted the opportunity to work with adults who may need some extra support” says Samantha. “This internship has definitely given me the tools and guidance to further myself and figure out if I want to work with children or adults

Samantha wishes to tell students thinking about an internship, or currently on the hunt, the importance of connecting with professionals in the fields or organizations they hope to someday work for, as it worked for her. “Speaking with other individuals about this really helped me finalize my decision as well as get an idea of where I want to go with my career.” said Samantha.

Written by Andrew Way

Jaime Hansen

Internship Title: Communication Intern

Employer: Hall Communications WILI i98.3 AM/FM

Major: Communication

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Here in the Center for Internships and Career Development, we connect with local employers and organizations to ensure that Eastern Students are provided access to internships across the state and even the country.  Many students who have utilized the Center’s services have landed successful internships within our own community. A prime example would be Senior Jaime Hansen, a Communication Major who currently interns at our local radio station, WILI i98.3.

As a Communication Intern at i98.3, Jaime works closely with radio host Pete Nichols, participating in the production and recording of the shows. In addition, Jaime also aids in the organization of radio station events and planning future shows. “I want to work within the field of Public Relations, and in this internship, I work with non-profit organizations and help their advertising and public relations departments.” In addition to working with the radio station, Jaime is able to network and gain hands-on experience practicing public relations. The interactions with the professionals that Jaime comes in contact with on a daily basis help her to get more out of her internship, and also further establish her professional network.

When asked what Jaime had to say about the Center for Internships and Career Development, Jaime says, “I would definitely work with the Center again if in the future I decide to look for another internship. They were very helpful with the internship process, but also resume building and cover letter writing”. Jaime advises that any student looking for an internship should focus on finding one that they find enjoyable. “Find one as soon as possible, especially one that you can have fun with. It is a great experience and will help you in the future no matter what you may decide to do.


Written by Andrew Way

Brian Ewing

Brian Ewing and CT District Rep. Melissa Ziobron

Internship Title: District Representative Aide

Employer: Connecticut State Legislature

Major:Political Science

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

When searching for an Internship, it is important to note that every opportunity presents itself in its own unique way. While some students’ goal is to work for a small local company, others reach out to larger organizations to achieve their career goals. In the case of Brian Ewing, working for the State of Connecticut was part of his overall career plan.

While working as an aide under the Connecticut District Representative, Melissa Ziobron, Brian spent most of his time at the Capitol, conducting a variety of duties. From performing administrative work, actively campaigning within the 34th district, and performing research,  Brian’s involvement gave him an in depth view of how our state Legislature is run, and the inner workings of day to day life in the Capitol.

With a background serving in the Connecticut National Guard, Brian’s involvement within government works not only to benefit his education but also his future career as a soldier. Working as a legislative aide gave him the necessary experience to not only build off his studies in Political Science, but also allowed him the opportunity to network with those serving within the state government. Through networking, Brian was able to work with government officials and play a vital role in communicating his own views and opinions on how our government could best serve the residents of Connecticut.

Based on his experiences, Brian expressed the importance of doing in depth research when choosing the right internship. He also reminds those looking for internships in the state Legislature to time it appropriately. “If you are a Political Science major looking for a legislative internship, completing it during your spring semester would be ideal. With the Legislature in session during the spring, an intern receives more valuable training then if they were to work during the fall.” 

Written by Andrew Way

Andrea Sylvester

Internship Title: Special Events Intern

Employer: Channel 3 Kids Camp

Major: Communication

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

If you are like most people, chances are you don’t have every part of your life figured out yet. Sometimes, students may ask themselves, “What exactly do I want to do?”  If you can relate, you’re not alone. Internships don’t always have to be something that evolves into a permanent career. As Andrea Sylvester found out, being an intern can serve to help you find out what you would really like to do.

Being interested in not only higher education, Andrea also displayed strong interest in working for a local non-profit. As the Special Events Intern at the Channel 3 Kids Camp, she became a key part in implementing social and educational events for campers and even the surrounding communities. Falling back on her experience as a student worker for the Department of Institutional Advancement on campus, it helped ease the transition from higher education to the non-profit sector.

Andrea’s responsibilities required extensive writing and research opportunities, allowing her to improve existing and develop future camp events. In addition, Andrea spent time collaborating with sponsors and donors for the events. Following through from the start to the end, Andrea also volunteered during each event to help promote the Channel 3 Kids Camp to patrons and potential sponsors. Andrea highlighted her experience during one event known as the Holiday Light Fantasia held during the holiday season. “I volunteered at the event, speaking to patrons, and handing out fliers and tickets…I was even there prior to the start of the event to help with the set-up and opening of the event” says Andrea. “…Between my job on campus and my internship I had a front row seat to higher education and non-profits, two areas I am highly interested in, which often go hand and hand with each other.

To those currently looking or considering an internship, Andrea encourages choosing an internship that compliments the skills you currently possess, in addition to giving you the opportunity to develop some new skills and partake in new experiences. She adds, “Make sure it’s something you have at least a small amount of interest in…do your homework and know exactly what you hope to get out of your internship!”

Written by Andrew Way

Christopher Weedon Jr.

Internship Title: Sports and News Intern

Employer: NBC Connecticut (WVIT-CT)

Major: Communication-Broadcast Journalism

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Being able to get the most out of your time here at Eastern and your chosen Internship should be the highest priority of all students. Serving as a prime example, Senior Christopher Weedon did just that. As a Sports and News intern for the NBC Connecticut News Studio, Chris was able to experience what the broadcast industry truly has offer. From supporting the production of studio recordings, to writing and interviewing important figures for breaking news, Chris has done it all.

As a Communication-Broadcasting Journalism major, Chris’ passion for broadcasting started through his involvement in Eastern’s very own broadcasting studio. Gaining experience and knowledge working within the TV studio and the classroom, Chris was able to develop a strong foundation in his chosen field, aiding him in landing the perfect Internship at NBC Connecticut.

This internship was incredible. I learned more in the 4 months that I was working there than I could ever in the classroom” says Chris. “The hand on experience was great, and when news/stories broke, learning how to operate in a timely fashion as a team, is a skill that will only help me in the future”.

Chris, having worked with numerous professionals, remains connected even after departing from NBC Connecticut. The networking and connecting with his colleagues has opened a vast array of opportunities for Chris upon graduation and starting his new career. “I had worked with colleagues all throughout the newsroom, including the president and general manager of the station, Ric Harris. Ric even took the time to sit down with me following my internship, to make sure we stayed in touch after I leftsays Chris.

Chris advises that anyone who is interested in obtaining an internship should take the time to establish a LinkedIn profile and begin to connect with professionals within their chosen career fields. He also stresses the need in being proactive in your search for a job or possible career, “If you take advantage of seeking out these people while you are in college, you show initiative, if you wait until after college you’ve already missed out and just become like everyone else” Chris adds.

Written by Andrew Way

Sabrina Davis

Internship Title: Collegiate Health Service Corps Intern

Employer: Eastern Connecticut Area Health Education Center, Inc. (AHEC)

Major: Social Work

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Junior Sabrina Davis has started her junior year off strong with a Collegiate Health Service Corps internship at a local non-profit and establishing herself well within the working world.  At AHEC, Sabrina’s responsibilities include improving the implementation of the Collegiate Health Service Corps program, which helps disadvantaged college students to achieve their dreams of becoming healthcare professionals. Through event planning, administrative work and professional networking, Sabrina is not only helping to achieve AHEC’s goal but also her own.

Sabrina aspires to work in the non-profit sector, directly with individuals and communities who are marginalized, underserved and oppressed.  At AHEC,  she is afforded the opportunity to gain first-hand experience within this area. With the knowledge that she has obtained from her studies here at Eastern, Sabrina is able to apply what she has been taught in the field. Using her social work and public health background, she has helped to create fewer obstacles for those in need of healthcare. This pre-professional experience will not only increase Sabrina’s marketability after graduation, but also help build a strong foundation for her career before she even starts it.

Within her position, Sabrina works alongside the CHSC Coordinator and many other professionals within the public health sector, allowing her to grow her professional base and network within that community.

When asked for advice on how to achieve an internship, Sabrina says “[One must] first and foremost establish a relationship with the Center for Internships and Career Development. They are the best resource to go about seeking an internship.”

Written by Andrew Way


Martin J. Ralda-Martinez

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Major: Communication

Employer: Housing and Residential Life at Eastern Connecticut State University

Internship Title: Housing Intern

It is clear that Eastern provides students with the opportunity to further enrich their academic knowledge but also allows students to gain a better understanding of their career goals. Some of the many different internship opportunities on campus that are offered to students could be in various departments which can include some of the following; the Intercultural Center, the Women’s Center, the Office of Admissions, Housing and Residential Life or the Center for Internships and Career Development.

One student who was given an opportunity to act as a Housing Intern on Eastern’s campus for the Office of Housing and Residential Life was Martin J. Ralda-Martinez, a senior and communication major. “As a housing intern, I have the responsibilities of keeping up to date with all the theme housing current events, act as an intern-advisor for the UROC club on campus, learn about different theories and inner workings of student affairs, help with the RA process, and participate in any other events or meetings that are happening,” said Ralda-Martinez.

With more experience and knowledge in the Housing Office, Ralda-Martinez is also able to understand the production that goes into working in Higher Education. Ralda-Martinez mentioned, “I want to work in Higher Education, so with this internship it helps me get my foot in the door of Housing and Residential Life and I will be able to work my way through the ranks to ultimately become a Dean.”

When asked what advice would you provide to students who are interested in completing an internship Ralda-Martinez suggested, “I advise students who are required or want to do an internship to really work on their resumes, and to really do some research on the internship they want to do. It’s a great way to use your skills and also develop new ones in the field you want to pursue.”

All students should be aware of all the different resources there are on campus that not only provide networking and internships opportunities, but also help you decide what your career path will be. “The Center for Internships and Career Development is a great way to find ideal internships that will interest you and fulfill your major requirement. The CICD Office will also help you after college too which will benefit you in the long run,” said Ralda-Martinez.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Gabrielle R. Palladino

Gabrielle R. Palladino

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Major: Communication

Employer: Sports Center at ECSU

Internship Title: Sports Broadcasting Intern

When it comes to hard work and dedication, Gabrielle R. Palladino is a clear depiction of how passion for a certain career path can lead to a future dream job. As a Communication major and a senior at Eastern, Palladino was able to combine her love of sports with her talent in news anchoring. This semester, Palladino is an intern in Sports Broadcasting at the Sports Center at Eastern.

In this position, she is not only able to learn about the different sport teams here at Eastern, but also puts her communication skills to work in a fun and significant way. Palladino is expected to manage a variety of tasks which include setting up camera equipment, managing a camera and she also color commentates. “I have learned how to set up new pieces of equipment like the tricaster and I have learned how to provide color commentary. Prior to this internship, I was only familiar with news anchoring,” said Palladino.

As a Sports Broadcasting Intern, Palladino is able to apply knowledge that she has gained in her communication class and allow her passion to thrive in this internship. Palladino mentioned, “I want to be a sports anchor in the future, and attending sporting events that are unfamiliar to me such as field hockey have helped me obtain basic and essential knowledge I would need to communicate with my viewers.”

Students who are in search of an internship should always remember that there are resources on campus to assist with this process. Resources can include a professor, advisor, peer and the Center for Internships and Career Development. With this process, it is never too early to start the search and look for an internship that is similar to a career goal that you have an interest in.

“Do not start looking at the last minute! When you are a freshman or sophomore it is never too early to research internship opportunities. Also do not put all your eggs into one basket, you should apply to as many places as possible so that you can get your name and resume out there,” said Palladino.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Avery Floyd

Avery Floyd

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Major: Sports and Leisure Management

Employer: Mohegan Sun

Internship Title: Regional Marketing Intern

 As a proactive and determined senior at Eastern, Avery Floyd has taken initiative to increase his level of experience and build on his resume. Floyd, a sports and leisure management major, completed an internship this past summer at the Mohegan Sun Casino, in Uncasville, CT.

As the Regional Marketing Intern at Mohegan Sun, Floyd had many responsibilities which allowed him to gain a better grasp on marketing events as well as the demand that the field entails. “I assisted in the efforts of creating public awareness about Mohegan Sun through sponsored events, distributed Mohegan Sun literature, and came up with promotional ideas to have an impact on the target market (males and females ages 21-65),” said Floyd.

The internship also provided Floyd with a greater knowledge on publicity of events, how much traveling was required in the position and the long hours. With this said, it also allowed him to understand how marketing plays a role in interactions with people and how this will benefit him with his career goals. “The internship tied into my career goals because I want to have a career in sports business. Regional marketing is one aspect that I wanted to learn more about and gain experience in that field. I enhanced interpersonal and organizational skills through the internship. I hope to use what I experienced throughout my internship as I go along further in the sports business field,” stated Floyd.

When asked what advice Floyd would provide to students who are interested in internships, he believes that the more internships you do the better. Professors have suggested to Floyd that successful students who have had a sports and leisure management major have done multiple internships. This is recommended because with more internships, students are able to network with more companies and individuals, which should open more doors for students.

The resource that Floyd used to find the internship was actually through Eastern’s Center for Internship’s and Career Development. “I found about my internship through an email from the Center for Internship’s and Career Development at Eastern. Fortunately, I responded right away and got myself a job interview shortly after responding. Not all students use the resources available to them. The CICD at Eastern goes out of their way to inform students about potential internships and job opportunities throughout the year,” said Floyd.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Laura Bean

Laura BeanExpected Graduation Date: May 2015

 Major: Communication

 Employer: Office of Admissions at Eastern Connecticut State University

 Internship Title: Social Media and Event Planning Intern

 As a communication major and senior, Laura Bean has put her public relations and event planning skills to work at her internship this semester. Acting as the social media and event planning intern for the Office of Admissions at Eastern; Bean is able to apply the knowledge that she learned in class with this new experience which pertains to a field that she hopes becomes a career.

“For a career I want to do sports public relations with a focus in event planning and social media. So getting this experience is really great. The internship gives me an idea of how it will be when I get a job after I graduate,” said Bean.

Some of the responsibilities that Bean has as an Office of Admissions Intern are to manage the office’s social media in regards to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr; she also helps with events that are hosted by the Office, such as Open House.

For students who are interested in applying for an internship or have wondered about the opportunities that are possible for Eastern students, Bean said the following. “Find an internship that requires skills that you are going to need. Pick an internship that allows you to learn the skills that you haven’t developed yet.” She also commented, “Having the Center for Internships and Career Development is a great resource to have on campus because it is always great to get more experience.”

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

John Maura


John Maura

John is standing in back row, fifth in from left

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Double Major: Business Administration and Business Information Systems

Employer: Webster Bank

Internship Title: Investment Intern

Do you love money? Have you always had an interest in customer service and assisting people with investment opportunities? John Maura, a junior as well as a double major in business administration and business information systems, could have had your ideal internship.

Maura’s Investment internship was at Webster Bank in Waterbury, CT, which he found with help from the Center for Internships and Career Development; a process he highly recommends. Some of the responsibilities that Maura had were the following: to understand different types of investment products, review deposit and investment books, analyze data to identify accounts and contact former clients with new investment opportunities.

“This internship relates to my career goals because finance is my concentration that I’m studying and this internship puts you right in the heart of finance. It’s a subject that I am really interested in and am eager to learn more as I continue the internship,” said Maura.

Are you thinking about applying for an internship? The Center for Internships and Career Development is located on the second floor of the Wood Support Services building of Eastern’s campus. Student find opportunities to get the experience they need to graduate college and to build on what could be a successful future.

“My advice to a student seeking an internship would be to be pro-active with your search and network with everyone possible. Make a lasting impression, and most importantly visit Career Development because they offer all of the products and services needed to get an interview and nail it,” said Maura.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Nicholas Aconfora

Nick AconforaExpected Graduation Date: May 2015

Major: Communication

Employer: New Britain Rock Cats

Internship Title: On-Site Production Engineer for Fox Sports Radio 1410 (WPOP)

As a communication major and senior at Eastern, Nicholas Aconfora found an incredible internship opportunity on the networking site, “LinkedIn.” Aconfora interned as the On-Site Production Engineer for Fox Sports Radio 1410 (WPOP) for the New Britain Rock Cats in New Britain, CT. Some of Aconfora’s responsibilities at the internship were based around managing the Fox Sports Radio. This included engineering and producing an on-site live baseball broadcast which dealt with the use of skills to edit, mix audio and run commercials in the broadcast.

“As an aspiring sportscaster, I got hands on experience with the career behind the scenes. I also got to sit behind and listen to Jeff Dooley, the play-by-play broadcaster for the Rock Cats,” said Aconfora. “Dooley has been broadcasting with the Rock Cats for eighteen years and I learned so much listening to him call games, interview guests, and more,” Aconfora continued.

With having had this influential experience, Aconfora is greatly appreciative for the site LinkedIn and the help of career counselor, Trish Thomas, and The Center of Internships and Career Development. “Sign up on LinkedIn. It’s important to have one, you can connect and meet so many people…talk to different people, introduce yourself to people and don’t be afraid to volunteer. It really helps set you up for a possible internship or future job,” stated Aconfora.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Bryan Hayes

Bryan Hayes

Bryan Hayes is second from the left

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Aetna

Internship Title: Program Delivery Summer Associate in Government Services

Are you majoring in business administration? Are you looking for an internship that could give you a once in a life time experience? Bryan Hayes, a junior and Business Administration major at Eastern, had an internship opportunity that allowed him to learn more about the business world as well as to have a better understanding of analysis specifically when dealing with health insurance.

This past summer, Hayes was a Program Delivery Summer Associate in Government Services, at Aetna in Hartford, CT. “I provided support with the Medicaid team regarding over/under allocation of resources. Additionally, I assisted with analyzing data to identity areas of improvement. I learned a lot about Medicaid and Medicare and how Aetna ensures their customers are taken care of,” said Hayes.

This experience at Aetna provided Hayes with a great deal of experience that not only fulfilled his requirement in the major, but it also set a strong foundation for Hayes’s future career goals. “I hope to work in a large corporation when I graduate college. This was a great way for me to learn how a large company performs on a day to day basis and the opportunities that Aetna has for recent college graduates,” Hayes stated.

But what advice does Hayes offer to students who are looking for an internship? “Apply! There’s always a chance you may surprise yourself and receive an internship you only dreamed of having. Be diligent and continue reaching out to places of interest and let them know how interested you are in working for them,” added Hayes.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Summer Lily

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Major: Communication

Employer: Eastern Area Health Education Center

Internship Title: Youth Health Service Corps Program Coordinator Intern

As a senior and communication major at Eastern, Summer Lily was offered an internship after she networked at an open house for the Center for Community Engagement. The internship was at the Eastern Area Health Education Center in Willimantic, CT. Lily held the position of the Youth Health Service Corps Program Coordinator Intern where she had several different opportunities that provided her with more knowledge and a better understanding of what she would like to do when she graduates.

Some of the ways that the internship had related to Lily’s career goals was the idea that she was able to strengthen community ties and partnerships, network and form professional relationships with community partners, improve time management skills and get experience in public relations. “I learned how to organize time, present myself in professional situations, become involved in professional meetings and how to contact and work with people I barely knew,” said Lily.

With this said, the Youth Health Service Corps Program Coordinator position had various responsibilities in order to enhance education and knowledge of the position as well as to provide the most influential experience. “The responsibilities of my internship included developing a new YHSC curriculum of the 2014-2015 academic year including modules such as cultural competence, service learning, ethics and college preparation. Additionally, I developed a new and more eye catching brochure for YHSC to hand out at the Third Thursday Street Festival and contact local community partners,” stated Lily.

Lily added, “I’m glad that I did the internship during the summer because it left more time for other commitments during the school year. Also, I would suggest finding one off campus because it forces you to get out into the rest of the world and test what you have learned so far during your college career.” To find out more about internships and how to network, visit the Center for Internships and Career Development which is located on the second floor of the Wood Support Services Building on Eastern’s campus.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Kayla Giordano

Kayla Giordano

Kayla is third from the left


Expected Graduation Date: May 2017

Major: Political Science

Employer: Emily Bjornberg for State Senate for the 33rd District of Connecticut

Internship Title: Campaign Intern

Have you ever wondered what it was like to work for a politician and help with their campaign trail? Kayla Giordano, a sophomore at Eastern is already able to add on her resume that she has helped with a political campaign. Getting a head start and starting early to apply for internships was what helped Kayla Giordano, a political science major, network and able to get this internship idea through her professor.

Giordano’s internship was for Emily Bjornberg for State Senate for the 33rd District of Connecticut (consists of twelve towns). “I went into this internship not really knowing what I wanted to do with my degree. Now after working with Team Emily, I know that I want to be involved in campaign management and work on small grassroots campaigns where change can really happen.”

With this Campaign Intern position, there were several interesting and hands on opportunities to really get involved with every step of the process. “My internship came with varying responsibilities. As the only intern on the campaign I had the opportunity to be involved in many different areas. Some of these duties consist of volunteer recruiting, canvassing, sign painting and writing press releases from the campaign.”

It’s clear that it’s never too early to start applying for internships and any experience that pertains to your career goals will help you be successful in the future. “My advice to students who would like to complete an internship would be to start searching early. I am only a sophomore and have already completed an internship, which gives me plenty of time in my next two years at Eastern to gain even more experience. Having an internship on your resume early is a great way to find even better internship opportunities closer to graduation which might lead to job offers or even add to a graduate school resume.”

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Dave Santerre

Dave Santerre

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Sports and Leisure Management

Employer: Connecticut Tigers

Internship Title: Summer 2014 Intern

 As a recent graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, Dave Santerre found an internship this past summer, which provided him with a memorable experience that can be included on his resume.

Santerre, a sports and leisure management major was lucky enough to find an internship that allowed him to work in a position that brought together his passion for sports as well as a better understanding of the ins and outs of Minor League Baseball.

Santerre was the summer 2014 intern for the Connecticut Tigers at Dodd Stadium in Norwich, CT. “The internship directly related to my career goals because coming into college I knew that I wanted to work in Minor League Baseball. This internship only enhanced my belief that I will work in Minor League Baseball,” said Santerre.

This CT Tigers internship was a great opportunity for Santerre because it allowed him to experience day to day tasks, as well as dealing with elements of the job like marketing, customer service and facility maintenance. Santerre stated, “Some responsibilities of the position were to prepare promotions and the field for each home game, sometimes selling tickets… I learned a great deal about running a Minor League Baseball team. I learned TicketReturn, which is a ticketing software system. Although, the most important thing I learned during this internship is that an internship is what you make of it.”

Santerre highly enjoyed and recommends internships for students especially an internship for the Connecticut Tigers. Between the long hours that he put in and the variety of work that he completed, nothing compared to the hands on experience that Santerre gained.

It is clear that it’s important to apply for internships during your college career, especially for companies that you would love to work for. “Although I did not find this internship through the Center for Internships and Career Development at Eastern; the CICD is a vital asset for current students, and each student should utilize this resource,” Santerre said.  

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman