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Dave Santerre

Dave Santerre

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Sports and Leisure Management

Employer: Connecticut Tigers

Internship Title: Summer 2014 Intern

 As a recent graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, Dave Santerre found an internship this past summer, which provided him with a memorable experience that can be included on his resume.

Santerre, a sports and leisure management major was lucky enough to find an internship that allowed him to work in a position that brought together his passion for sports as well as a better understanding of the ins and outs of Minor League Baseball.

Santerre was the summer 2014 intern for the Connecticut Tigers at Dodd Stadium in Norwich, CT. “The internship directly related to my career goals because coming into college I knew that I wanted to work in Minor League Baseball. This internship only enhanced my belief that I will work in Minor League Baseball,” said Santerre.

This CT Tigers internship was a great opportunity for Santerre because it allowed him to experience day to day tasks, as well as dealing with elements of the job like marketing, customer service and facility maintenance. Santerre stated, “Some responsibilities of the position were to prepare promotions and the field for each home game, sometimes selling tickets… I learned a great deal about running a Minor League Baseball team. I learned TicketReturn, which is a ticketing software system. Although, the most important thing I learned during this internship is that an internship is what you make of it.”

Santerre highly enjoyed and recommends internships for students especially an internship for the Connecticut Tigers. Between the long hours that he put in and the variety of work that he completed, nothing compared to the hands on experience that Santerre gained.

It is clear that it’s important to apply for internships during your college career, especially for companies that you would love to work for. “Although I did not find this internship through the Center for Internships and Career Development at Eastern; the CICD is a vital asset for current students, and each student should utilize this resource,” Santerre said.  

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

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Sarah Bent

<strong>Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Sport & Leisure Management

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University Athletic Department

Internship Title: Community Service Intern

Sarah Bent is a senior Sports and Leisure Management major. This semester she is interning with the Eastern Connecticut State University Athletic Department as the Community Service Intern. Her job is to coordinate and facilitate the Athletic Department’s community service. Sarah interacts with the coaches, athletic, university administrators and the general public while planning and organizing community service projects. Through her internship she makes sure the department is creating strong relationships with the surrounding community. Sarah has learned the process of coordinating events which comes with its challenges with busy athletes and getting the community on board but it is very rewarding to her in the end.

After Sarah graduates in May, she hopes to work in a Division 1 Athletic Department in a college or university’s athletic administration. She was able to gain the knowledge of her next career goal through her current co-op because she is aware of what the job entails. Sarah’s advice to the students that have not completed an internship yet is to make sure you are truly interested in the position. “If you dread the work you are doing, you won’t give yourself an opportunity to learn from the experience. The more you enjoy it, the more you can take from it.”

Story by: Morgan Gerardi

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