Kelsey Hallock

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Sociology

Employer: Community Health Resources
Internship Title: Care Coordinator
Kelsey took the responsibility of finding an internship on herself to fulfill a requirement for her minor in Criminology. Along with her supervisor she works as a communication liaison between the courts, probation, or other referral sources as far as the clinician’s recommendation or client activity within the agency. Kelsey works to update client information regarding things such as urinalyses or breathalyzer screens and psychotherapy or group therapies attended by clients. Her internship also includes activities like verifying, processing, and forwarding client discharges. Further, she has shadowed group therapies dealing with different areas of behavioral health. Her internship has provided Kelsey with knowledge regarding how agencies work with probation offices and how her work can have an impact on various clients.
Kelsey’s position as a Care Coordinator is related to her career aspirations because she wants to be an adult probation officer. Specifically, this internship showed Kelsey how referral sources work when a client is mandated to attend court.

Based on her experience, Kelsey’s advice for her peers is to not wait for someone to hand you a great internship. She got her internships on her own by talking to the right people and knowing exactly what she wanted to do. She says, “It really is all about whom you know, not what you can do. Make connections! A degree is great but without experience you can’t get very far.”

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo