Stephanie Nolting

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014
Employer: Women’s Center of Eastern Connecticut State University

Internship Title: Ambassador/Intern
Though an internship does not need to be completed for Stephanie’s major in English, it is mandated by her minor in Women’s Studies. Stephanie’s duties as an intern include her having to be present for 9 office hours weekly. During this time she works on different Women’s Center programs that she is charged with throughout the semester, or helps other ambassadors with their respective programs. Stephanie also answers phone calls and completes other tasks as needed by the center. She describes the Women’s Center as a welcoming place to which visitors feel comfortable going.
Stephanie is not positive exactly what she wants to do after graduating, but she is sure that she wants to be an advocate for Women’s Rights. Possible options for Stephanie are attending Law School or getting her masters degree in Social Work, either of which would be accomplished while focusing on issues relating to women.
Stephanie’s advice for other students seeking internships in the future is to always think ahead. She says not to wait until the last minute to get involved. Because she found her internship through a staff member, Stephanie says to not hesitate talking to professors, as they often have connections to possible internships. Further she says that by connecting with a professor in a preferred field, students can easily become involved with what they really want to do.
Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Eric Alan

Expected Graduation Date: December 2012
Major: English

Title: Officer Support Assistant

Employer: United States Coast Guard

In today’s economy, turning an internship into a career is a hard trick to pull. Most college students work for free and are given valuable real world experience, but don’t have the career to show for it. Eric Alan, due to graduate this December, can say he beat the odds. After having served in the U.S. Coast Guard for many years and lovingly tended to his farm in Mansfield, CT, Eric returned to school to study English at Eastern Connecticut State University. Through his military experience, he eventually acquired a working role with ECSU’s Vets Center. It was with their guidance that he secured his spot in his life’s goals.

Over the summer Eric interned with the U.S. Coast Guard Academy as a Library Assistant. His day to day tasks included book sorting and shelving, interpersonal interaction, and manning the circulation desk. Eric inevitably hopes to receive a MS in Library Science and pursue wholeheartedly his dreams of being a librarian. This internship, to say the least, was a perfect fit for him. And in the end, it was his internship with the US Coast Guard Academy that gave him a full time job staffing their library. His internship turned into success, bringing him where his goals wanted to take him.

While not every internship will turn into a job, it is important to give it your all. Working hard is the path to success. “Work as hard as you can, even if you are just an intern,” Eric adds, “If you impress the right people you can get a full time career position.” He followed his own advice and now comfortably begins his life in the book shelves.

Story by Alexandra Remy