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Michael Downs

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Communication

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University: University Relations

Internship Title: Special Events Intern

Senior Michael Downs has recently put to use what he has learned as a Communication major to his internship with Eastern Connecticut State University’s University Relations department. As a Special Events Intern, Michael’s responsibilities involved conducting research and planning events for the 125th Anniversary of Eastern Celebration that took place throughout the semester.

“It’s been so interesting to learn about the history of Eastern through the research that I’ve been doing,” mentions Michael. “It’s been really interesting to learn about how far this institution has come since its inception in 1889.”

Through completing this internship, Michael has acquired many useful skills, such as how to correctly and effectively gather research; that he says will be essential to my future career. He has also learned valuable writing skills that will not only be useful to his future career path, but in graduate school as well.

To any other internship hopefuls, Michael’s advice for you is to start your internship search early, so you can find the perfect opportunity just as Michael has done!

Story submitted by Rebecca Coolidge

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Monique Dumaine

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Major: Communications

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University, Student Activities Office

Internship Title: Marketing Initiatives Intern<

Monique took on the title of ‘Marketing Initiatives Intern’ when she did her internship right here at Eastern in the Student Activities Office. One of the goals of this office was to market themselves more effectively to the faculty and the student body. Monique’s role was to research different marketing methods that might achieve the best results for her organization. After researching, she then formed a plan with her team so the best methods could be put into effect. One of the main methods used was forming a recognizable identity for the organization through social media.

After college, Monique aspires to work in Student Affairs, more specifically, in the Student Activities and Leadership Development division. She feels that her purpose in life is to present the necessary tools for students to live a successful and fulfilling life. This area of higher education aims to develop students and guide them to reach their fullest potential, something Monique feels strongly about. She says “the values of this division align with mine, and I look forward to learning something new on a daily basis.” Also, Monique feels that she has a leg up when it comes to applying for graduate school programs in this field. Though this area is very competitive, her passion and hands-on experience as an undergraduate student will put her ahead of the curve.

Monique’s advice for other students is to do something that you are passionate about. She also states that sometimes, students do not know what they are passionate about, so it is best to get experience in the field before determining one’s passion. She says that she had an internship prior to her current position that she thought she was going to love. She then learned that that field was not for her. Her experience was invaluable because it taught her what she did not want to do. Monique says that students must take advantage of the countless opportunities around them, and only by going out of their comfort zone will they achieve success.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

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Shelby Andrelski

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Major: Communications

Employer: Mass EDMC

Internship Title: Promoter
This semester Shelby Andrelski participated in an internship with Mass EDMC as a promoter. Her responsibilities included promoting shows through social media and working behind the scenes to help set up and put on shows. Shelby learned many things during this internship that will help her be a more sufficient worker in the future. “I learned a lot about the effort that goes into events such as ticket sales, and planning.”

Shelby hopes to one day be a booking agent, and this internship will only bring her one step closer to that goal. “I love music and I want to be around it so learning how to put on shows was really cool and I got some great experience.” She got to do many things in this internship that she has always been interested in doing. This just goes to show you that there are internship opportunities out there for everyone.

Getting an internship is a big deal, and Shelby now understands this. You’re not necessarily going to love your first job, but it will only help get you to that place. She urges students seeking an internship to go for it. “I say go for it. Find an internship doing something you’re passionate about, it will help put things in perspective.”

Story by Dan Calzone

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Brian Walker

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Communications

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University’s Center for Internships and Career Development

Internship Title: Social Media Intern


Brian, a Communications major, is currently a social media intern at the Center for Internships and Career Development at Eastern. Brian’s responsibilities include managing the center’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram social media outlets. He also promotes the media outlets by going to different locations on campus to get students to connect and become more aware of the benefits from the Center for Internships and Career Development. Through his internship, Brian has learned effective ways to communicate and encourage students to connect with the center via social media. He has learned what types of career information is engaging and useful for students.

Brian would like to have a career in marketing and advertising one day and social media is a very important communication tool in the marketing world. Brian’s advice to students who are required to, or who would like to, complete an internship is to have an updated resume with you at all times. He also suggest using resources such as the Center for Internships and Career Development to help you build a great resume, learn how to find an internship that’s right for you, and attend the internship and career fairs they host on campus.

Story by: Morgan Gerardi

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Kirsten Banta

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Communications

Employer: Hartford Business Journal

Internship Title: Editorial Intern

Kirsten is a Communications major with an editorial internship at the Hartford Business Journal. Her responsibilities include writing pieces for the website that are based off of press releases, she writes for the weekly print edition and interviews business professionals for news stories. Interning at the Hartford Business Journal has improved Kirsten’s writing skills, interpersonal skills, and she has learned the writing style for business journals as opposed to various other forms of journalism. She has also become aware of what it is like to be a reporter in the world today. Kirsten has gained a lot of knowledge from her colleagues and editors who have made her feel very comfortable in the professional field of communications and happy to be a part of their community.

As a communications major, Kirsten’s internship at the Hartford Business Journal will help her in any communications related career. Although Kirsten does not have definite determined career goals or dream job, she now has a clearer view of the path she can take when she leaves Eastern. She feels as though her experience at the Hartford Business Journal has helped her prepare for the “real world” after she graduates in May.

Kirsten would advise students who need an internship to start looking early and utilize any connections you may have. She says that an internship will guide you in the field you want be in because it is like a trial run in the professional world. She recommends finding an internship to truly know if what you are studying is really the most ideal career path for you.
Story by: Morgan Gerardi

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Carrie Mantis

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Communications

Employer: Cronin & Company

Internship Title: Summer Public Relations Intern

This summer Carrie was able to utilize her skills, learned in the communication and writing department, as a public relations intern. After doing much research she was able to find an internship that she was truly interested in at Cronin & Company. Carrie’s tasks included support to the PR department, creating client media lists, media monitoring, writing press materials, serving as a media liaison, coordinating special events, and developing social media content.

Through her internship, she was able to acquire skills conducting and delivering research, writing press releases, and using professional communication both verbal and written. Carrie says she often had to step out of her comfort zone at her internship, and she is glad she did.

Carrie would like a career in the public relations field and/or advertising after she graduates. Through her hands on public relations experience at Cronin & Company, she was able to come to the conclusion that she likes working with clients as well as editing and creating press releases.

Carrie’s advice for other students that need to complete an internship is to research different internships, that way you can find one that meets your specific interests. She also recommends asking as many questions as possible during your internship and trying to meet as many different people as you can, because Carrie networking is one of the best ways to get a job.

Story by: Morgan Gerardi

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Rosheka Gray

Expected Graduation Date: December 2013

Major: Communication

Employer: ECSU Alumni Affairs

Internship Title:
Event Planning Intern

Becoming the Event Planning Intern at the Alumni Affairs office at Eastern Connecticut State University was not exactly what Rosheka Gray expected it to be. “I expected the position to be a regular office job, with no hands on experience whatsoever” say Rosheka. However an internship is to give students a real world experience and the real world experience is full of surprises. Rosheka found that this internship was a lot more than that of an office setting. While interning at Alumni Affairs she planned alumni and network events on and off campus, create fliers, handled vendor transactions and much more.

Gray says that being the previous treasurer of the African Club and the current president of the West Indian Society has have given her the skills needed to plan events, execute tasks, and collaborate with others. These skills have helped her during her internship. Her internship has also provided her with the opportunity to meet Alumni of Eastern Connecticut State University, as well as contacts that could very well aid her in the future. She also had the opportunity to attend Alumni Association board meetings. Rosheka says that “whether you need an internship or not everyone should pursue one. They are stepping stones to your future.”

Story by: Reginald Boahene

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Jennifer Catone

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Major: Communications

Internship Employer: XL Center

Internship Title: Operations Intern

Jennifer, a Communication Major is no stranger to extra-curricular activities around campus. Along with being a senior at Eastern she is also involved in clubs on campus such as T.V. 22 and the Sports and Leisure Management Club. She also works for “The Campus Lantern” and is a member of the Communications Honors Society. During the Summer of 2012, Jennifer participated in an Internship at the XL Center in Hartford Connecticut as an Operations Intern. She learned about the internship through Anthony Rosati, the Event Manager of the XL Center and Eastern Connecticut State University Alumnus during her sophomore year.

While at her internship, Jennifer gained crucial and valuable experience in how a facility operates. “I learned a lot of behind the scenes information such as how to cater to the needs of a lot of people.” Along with gaining experience, Jennifer established beneficial contacts and is currently employed at the XL Center. Cantone gives a word of advice for those seeking an internship. “Find an internship you will enjoy, not one that you get just to fulfill a requirement.

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Kelly Hill

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Major: Communications (Photography), Philosophy and Studio Art Minor

Title: Radio Host/Assistant Intern

Employer: Radio i98.3

How many times have you searched for an internship and none of them seemed to interest you? They all seemed boring, dry, and the standard office slave work. If you don’t want your internship to revolve around retrieving your higher up’s coffee, then maybe look into something more innovative. Take, for instance, Kelly Hill’s internship. A senior with her plate full studying Communications and two minors, Kelly won this past Spring’s Excellence Expo for her work done relating to a Communications Law and Ethics class. Luckily, the judges were so impressed by her that an internship offer came out of it. One of the judges worked for Willimantic’s Top 40 radio station i98.3. Since then, she has been working a unique and youthful internship with the radio station, quite happily too.

Within her internship, Kelly is given dual roles as a radio host and an office worker. While in the office, she’ll work on compiling the events calendar and put on air the most important ones. But it’s on Friday mornings from 6-10 that she gets to have all the fun. As an on air host with her own time slot, she has to conjure up plenty of material to keep listener’s interest. Jokes, politics, and news are aplenty in Kelly’s average morning routine and her time at the i98.3 microphone has proved to be eye opening.

It’s not unusual for a to-be-college-grad to not have an exact career direction. Kelly was one of these prospective grads. She began her focus in Photography with the aspirations of being a Sports Photographer. Since then, though, she has become a bit unsure. “This [internship] has broadened my horizons,” Kelly proclaims of her time at i98.3. Through her radio work, she’s begun to lean towards the career path of radio host. Her internship accomplished one of its many purposes: to give direction.

While not everyone will have such a “cool” and “hip” internship, it’s important to know that anyone could have one just as equally fun and worthwhile. It’s just a matter of looking. As for Kelly, she recommends you begin your internship journey at a point in your college career when you have the time. Squeezing it in with a hectic schedule, though sometimes unavoidable, has potential to ruin the experience. Outside of scheduling, “leave a good impression”. Kelly even admits that how you act during your time spent at your internship is vital because inevitably, “they’ll be the ones writing your recommendation”.


Story by Alexandra Remy

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