Kurt Turnier

Internship Title: Housing Intern

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University’s Department of Housing and Residential Life

Major: Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date: December 2015

Recently, there has been a tremendous increase in interest in the field of Higher Education Student Affairs.  Schools across the country are not only working to improve themselves academically; they are also striving to enhance the student experience. This has resulted in increased demand for professionals looking to be a part of this change. Here at the Center for Internships and Career Development, we are fully equipped to provide advice and help you network within these fields. The close knit Eastern Connecticut State University community provides a wide array of on-campus internship opportunities to help develop future Student Affairs professionals. A shining example is Kurt Turnier, a Business Administration major in his senior year, whose career goals include impacting the lives of college students through a career in Student Affairs.

Working as an Intern at Eastern’s own Department of Housing and Residential Life, Kurt was able to play a very active role in the day to day workings of the professional Housing Staff. Amongst the many responsibilities Kurt was assigned, the most notable included evaluating the school’s Themed Housing initiative, analyzing department assessment data and examining the best practices implemented in professional training programs. “Interning for the office of Housing and Residential Life [has helped] expand my knowledge as I pursue a career in Student Affairs and Higher Education.” says Kurt. “There are a variety of departments in this field and starting within the housing department will help me in getting my foot in door for others.” With the expansive knowledge and experience offered by the Department of Housing and Residential Life, Kurt’s chances of being selected for top programs across the country have been increased tremendously. To complement his experience, the Eastern Community allows Kurt to network easily, allowing him to help him find the perfect fit for himself for his future career.

Surely, Kurt’s success in finding such a beneficial internship has helped him tremendously. Kurt advises all who are currently on the hunt to stay connected to the professionals they know now, while also branching out their network to larger organizations. He stresses the importance of going out and networking in person. “Keep asking around. Current, former employers, friends and family can all help in your job search. You can even contact administrators directly and ask if they have internship opportunities that relate to your goals.” When asked how the Center for Internships and Career Development has helped him, Kurt stated, “The Center for internships and Career Development has always been a resource for me while at Eastern. The Director, Clifford Marrett, helped point me in the right direction as far as what career path I should be headed towards…”

Written by Andrew Way

Brett Boissonneault

Internship Title: Business Intern

Employer: Farmer’s Cow

Major: Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

For some students, their ultimate goal is to work for organizations in their home communities and create change from within. Here at Eastern, many students share this passion, and as a result surrounding businesses open their doors to the young and motivated students looking for internships. Junior Brett Boissonneault, who majors in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance shares his local community internship experience.

Priding itself on its ability to produce natural products and farm-fresh goods, The Farmer’s Cow has made a huge impact within our community and our state. By participating as a Business Intern, Brett was able to take full advantage of what Farmer’s Cow had to offer its employees. He was able to network and expand his understanding of common business practices beyond the confines of the classroom. “This internship helped me to see the day-to-day operations of a large organization.” says Brett.  Brett became involved in implementing new, and altering existing marketing strategies, having a direct effect on how the company reaches its clientele.

Brett would like to let all students know, especially those who are currently on the hunt for internships or jobs, that they should keep their own career goals in mind when it comes time to choose a position. “Find somewhere you would enjoy to work. You have to think about the big picture. Ask yourself ’How will this help me in my career down the road?’ and then execute!” says Brett.

As always, whenever you take on the endeavor of finding a job or internship, make sure you stop by the Center for Internships and Career Development. We can not only help you market yourself to future employers, but also help in refining the essential skills to help you ace that next interview!


Written by Andrew Way

John Maura


John Maura

John is standing in back row, fifth in from left

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Double Major: Business Administration and Business Information Systems

Employer: Webster Bank

Internship Title: Investment Intern

Do you love money? Have you always had an interest in customer service and assisting people with investment opportunities? John Maura, a junior as well as a double major in business administration and business information systems, could have had your ideal internship.

Maura’s Investment internship was at Webster Bank in Waterbury, CT, which he found with help from the Center for Internships and Career Development; a process he highly recommends. Some of the responsibilities that Maura had were the following: to understand different types of investment products, review deposit and investment books, analyze data to identify accounts and contact former clients with new investment opportunities.

“This internship relates to my career goals because finance is my concentration that I’m studying and this internship puts you right in the heart of finance. It’s a subject that I am really interested in and am eager to learn more as I continue the internship,” said Maura.

Are you thinking about applying for an internship? The Center for Internships and Career Development is located on the second floor of the Wood Support Services building of Eastern’s campus. Student find opportunities to get the experience they need to graduate college and to build on what could be a successful future.

“My advice to a student seeking an internship would be to be pro-active with your search and network with everyone possible. Make a lasting impression, and most importantly visit Career Development because they offer all of the products and services needed to get an interview and nail it,” said Maura.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Bryan Hayes

Bryan Hayes

Bryan Hayes is second from the left

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Aetna

Internship Title: Program Delivery Summer Associate in Government Services

Are you majoring in business administration? Are you looking for an internship that could give you a once in a life time experience? Bryan Hayes, a junior and Business Administration major at Eastern, had an internship opportunity that allowed him to learn more about the business world as well as to have a better understanding of analysis specifically when dealing with health insurance.

This past summer, Hayes was a Program Delivery Summer Associate in Government Services, at Aetna in Hartford, CT. “I provided support with the Medicaid team regarding over/under allocation of resources. Additionally, I assisted with analyzing data to identity areas of improvement. I learned a lot about Medicaid and Medicare and how Aetna ensures their customers are taken care of,” said Hayes.

This experience at Aetna provided Hayes with a great deal of experience that not only fulfilled his requirement in the major, but it also set a strong foundation for Hayes’s future career goals. “I hope to work in a large corporation when I graduate college. This was a great way for me to learn how a large company performs on a day to day basis and the opportunities that Aetna has for recent college graduates,” Hayes stated.

But what advice does Hayes offer to students who are looking for an internship? “Apply! There’s always a chance you may surprise yourself and receive an internship you only dreamed of having. Be diligent and continue reaching out to places of interest and let them know how interested you are in working for them,” added Hayes.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

Zach Kice

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Business Administration
Spyder/American Painting Specialists
Internship Title:
Marketing Intern/Sales Representative
Zach is a senior who completed two internships while at Eastern, a feat not many students can claim. At Spyder, a ski apparel company, Zach assisted their marketing team with promotion concepts, product ideas and partnership opportunities. Zach says he learned to “think outside the box” when developing suggestions for the aforementioned business aspects. As a sales representative at American Painting Specialists Zach was in charge of creating and distributing promotional flyers. He also engaged in personal selling in door to door and scheduled appointment settings. In doing this, Zach bettered his advertising abilities working for a small business while gaining confidence in selling to consumers.
Both of Zach’s internships relate to his career goals as he aspires to work as a businessman in the marketing and sales field after he graduates. Zach’s advice to his classmates is to complete as many internships as possible so that you can figure out what it is that you really want to do.
Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Carter Jennings

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Aramark

Internship Title: Retail Lead

Carter Jennings, depicted all the way to the left, is a senior who went a little farther than most to do his internship. After networking through his uncle, he landed his internship at Aramark at a location in Utah. While working out west, Carter was in charge of running a gift shop on a resort, and helping dock workers move boats around on the nearby Lake Powell. Learning how to be the manager of a retail location was integral to Carter’s career aspirations because his goal is to manage a resort in the future.

Carter’s advice for other students who are seeking internships is to do something that you love above everything else. By doing something that is fun, you will not regret it no matter how much money you are making. Carter says that the money will come as long as you do a good job, and it is easy to do a good job when you are doing something you are passionate about.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Sarah Hendrickson

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: TellStyle

Internship Title: Social Media Intern

Sarah Hendrickson is an Eastern senior who is eager to graduate and begin her career. Last summer Sarah found herself an internship with the online clothing retailer TellStyle. As a social media intern, Sarah was given the opportunity to gain experience doing marketing for the company using three major platforms. She applied her knowledge from her college career to market TellStyle using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Along with using these platforms, Sarah wrote blogs for the company, diversifying her new knowledge of marketing methods.

This internship was very applicable to Sarah’s aspirations for after graduation. Her goal is to find work marketing in the fashion industry, so working for TellStyle has given Sarah some very important experience in a very competitive job market.

Sarah’s advice for other students is “the sooner you look for an internship, the better.” Further, she says If you need an internship to graduate, it is important not to wait until the last second because it usually takes some time to find a good one, and finding an internship you like definitely pays off.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Christina Pelletier

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration


Internship Title: Accounting Intern

Eastern senior Christina Pelletier went out on her own to find an internship/co-op position at COCC. At this internship, Christina fulfills the title of Accounting Intern. Some of her duties include entering and storing information such as employee expenses, client invoices and other company accounting records.

Christina says the key to success in the business world is to be communicative with your co-workers. In her eyes, nobody should be afraid of asking questions, because questions help employees learn what it takes to be successful. Further, when a fellow employee tells her that she is not doing a task correctly, she does not get offended, but instead uses it as advice to grow so she can reach her fullest potential.

Once Christina graduates in May, she will pursue a career with two options in mind. She is considering finding work as a junior staff accounting or continuing with her current co-op employer in a similar field. When offering advice to her peers, Christina encourages them to attend career fairs and hand out as many resumes as possible. She says that students should not be afraid to reach out to people, because this may just be the best way to get your foot in the door.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Kathleen Mullins

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc.

Internship Title: Fall Intern

Kathleen, a senior, interned this semester at Peter Paul Electronics, for her Business Administration major requirement, as a Marketing Specialist. Some of her work load includes creating newsletters and press releases, and assisting in the rebranding and developing of the company’s image. During her time at her internship she has been able to strengthen her communication skills and build on her time management skills within the workplace.

The experience Kathleen had was “amazing” as she was able to gain valuable workforce experience. She developed professionally by utilizing leadership skills when engaging in successful teamwork. The opportunity she received has reinforced her desire to pursue this career path in marketing.

Kathleen would recommend that students find an internship that appeals to them so that they can make the most out of their experience. She would also advise them to take advantage of any training or development opportunities that come their way within the organization.

Story by: Morgan Gerardi

Nathan Holmes

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Holmes & Watkins Funeral Homes

Internship Title: Funeral Assistant Intern

Nathan was able to utilize multiple skills he has learned in his Business Administration major at Holmes & Watkins Funeral Homes. Nathan’s jobs included assisting funeral directors, driving funeral coaches (hearse, limousine, flower cars), filling out paperwork, full time on-call hours, data entry for financials and other programs for the funeral home such as information on deceased people for statistical use. Through Nathan’s internship he has learned a lot about how businesses actually operate. He learned how every employee has a purpose and helps the company run smoothly and efficiently.

The co-op relates to Nathan’s career goal because he wants to go into the business upon graduating. After graduating from Eastern, Nathan is planning to attend Lincoln College of New England to receive an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. This will assure that he has even more specific knowledge about the field before he starts his career.

Nathan suggests that students who need an internship should get one in the field that interests you. If you find one that you are truly interested in you will want to participate and learn a lot more and get a lot out of it.

Story by: Morgan Gerardi

Anthony Pacileo

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Locals 8 Restaurant Group<

Internship Title: Bookkeeper Intern

Anthony Pacileo is a Business Administration major here at Eastern Connecticut State University. Over the summer he completed his internship as a bookkeeper at Locals 8 Restaurant Group. By utilizing his networking skills he worked his way into the corporate office. Anthony’s internship responsibilities consisted of daily operations of the corporate office such as filing, data entry, invoice and purchase order verification and monitoring, tracking of inventory and payroll. As a bookkeeper, Anthony learned many skills using different data systems for different operations.

The restaurant corporate office internship helped Anthony get a foot in the door in the restaurant industry. Anthony has also been interested in bookkeeping as a career goal. Now that he has experience in the field that he would like to go into, he is confident that this is something he would want to do after he graduates. He also finds that applying to internships has given him experience for the application and interview process for careers after he graduates in May.

The advice Anthony would give to students who need to complete an internship is to do one in the industry you are thinking about going into after graduation. He says, “Do not be afraid to ask someone to help you get in the door. Once you get the interview, it’s up to you to get the internship and succeed in it.”

Story by: Morgan Gerardi

Kyle Nitz

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Mohegan Sun

Internship Title: Regional Marketing Representative

Kyle, a Business Administration major interned for Mohegan Sun’s regional marketing department, with two other Eastern students, this summer. His responsibilities included assisting the marketing manager in sponsorship and promotional events, maintaining superior customer service during events and attending regional marketing events.

Though Kyle is familiar with team work from his participation on the Eastern Rugby team, he has learned the importance of team work in a large organization. He has also learned how marketing skills and customer service play into one another to achieve success in a business. Kyle’s enjoyment with his internship at Mohegan has opened his eyes to a career in marketing. His hope is that upon graduation the experience gained from this internship will help him land a job in the marketing field.
When asked what advice Kyle would give other students who would like to complete an internship he said. “Honestly, do something that you enjoy. Forget about the pay check and focus more on what your day to day activities are. If you hate work you’re going to watch the clock rather than benefit from the experience.”

Story by: Morgan Gerardi

Joshua Stark

Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2013

Major: Business Administration

Employer: U.S. Department of Commerce

Internship Title:

Joshua Stark is a Business Administration major at Eastern Connecticut State University. Joshua learned of his internship at a career fair called “Heroes for Hire.” Joshua started his internship at the U.S. Department of Commerce during the Fall of 2012. “As a business major, a position at the U.S. Department of Commerce was a step closer toward my career goals” says Joshua. Joshua says “I was looking for an internship where I could capitalize on what I had learned at the university and wanted an internship that would give me more insight into the professional business world. I was interested in an internship that would give me responsibility and challenge me on a daily basis.”

The internship at the U.S. Department of Commerce proved to do just that. Stark utilized what he had learned at Eastern as well as learn new aspects such as the importance of exports in the local economy and marketing materials for trade. Stark also learned how to navigate a vast number of databases used by the U.S. Department of Commerce. It was a challenge according to Stark, but nothing he couldn’t handle. Joshua plans on working for the U.S. Department of Commerce in the near future. For those seeking an internship, Joshua offers some advice. “Don’t get discouraged when searching for an internship, there are a number of companies and organizations in Connecticut looking for motivated students to work for them. Also, take advantage of every networking opportunity that you can”.

Story by: Reginald Boahe

Maura McCabe

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Ticket Network

Internship Title: Human Resources Intern

Maura McCabe is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Human Resources. Through the “College 2 Career” Career Fair advertised by The Center for Internships and Career Development, Maura learned of the Ticket Network internship and pursued it.

As the Human Resources Intern, McCabe worked directly with the Vice President of the Human Resources department to complete various projects as well as participate in weekly staff meetings. This gave her a glimpse of what a career in the Human Resource field would be. After attending school, McCabe’s goal is to become a professional in the Human Resources field. McCabe says “this internship has allowed me to step into the business setting which is on step towards my goal.”

Story by: Reginald Boahene

Tierra Downie

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Major: Business Administration (Management)

Internship Employer: Enterprise

Position Title: Intern Management Trainee

As a teenager, Tierra Downie’s parents required her and her siblings to work at Six Flags as a means of developing character and work ethic. Not only has her work experience done that, but it has also created a very humble, down to earth woman. She has since moved on to be a senior at Eastern Connecticut State University, studying Business Administration and Management. In addition to her studies, she remains President of the on-campus student organization F.E.M.A.L.E.S., is a Peer Counselor for the Center for Internships and Career Development, and holds an internship at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

For five months Tierra has worked hard at Enterprise [Windsor, CT & Springfield, MA], a position she learned about through a guest speaker with F.E.M.A.L.E.S. Through her internship she has learned valuable lessons in customer rapport, networking, and general business. She assists with sales, customer service, and upselling from day to day. Tierra puts emphasis on the fact that Enterprise is an “open door” business. Managers and executives work on a name to name basis and, like all employees, even washes cars with them. For her humble upbringing, it’s a very accommodating work environment.

Unlike many of her peers, Tierra feels that uncertainly post-graduation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After school, she’s unsure of whether she’d like to go to Graduate school or start her own business in healthcare contracting and supplies. “Get out there. Go,” is Tierra’s philosophy, “Try it. It’s alright to be unemployed. It’s alright not to know. I can fail and get back up.” For now, she’s working towards her degree with plenty to keep her occupied in the meantime.

Her “if you fail, bounce back up” theory applies even to the hunt for an internship. “Just because it doesn’t pertain to your major, don’t count it out. There’s always a fit for someone. Never take no. No means ‘not now’. Go somewhere else. A lot of people are so easily discouraged.” If you fall down, simply brush yourself off and get back up again.


Story by Alexandra Remy

Krystal Jones

Expected Graduation Date: September 2013

Major: Business Administration and Human Resources
Title: Financial Analyst Intern

Employer: Electric Boat (General Dynamics)


For the past two summers Krystal Jones has been a Financial Analyst Intern for Electric Boat, the producer of Groton’s famous nuclear submarines. While there she has led a “classified” internship dealing with some very sensitive material. Explaining that most of what she does is confidential, she was able to let in on a few details of her work there. The basics of her duties are to make certain that buyers were operating in the most cost effective ways. Basically, to ensure Electric Boat continues to make money and not lose any. She also participated in audits on company issued credit accounts and oversaw some contractual agreements. Overall, she has been issued some very important tasks.

While finance wasn’t her first choice, Krystal admits her internship is an easier task than it sounds. There’s little to no math involved (something that scared her) and she relished in the great work environment. She was lucky to be able to work alongside her father and enjoyed having him as a co-worker. When it comes to her future goals, she’s not sure what she wants to do. Electric Boat hires many of their interns and she admits that it wouldn’t be a bad option. Despite her uncertainty in her future career goals, she has embraced every second of her time at Electric Boat. To her, it was a way of gaining the “real life experience” that prospective employers drool over.

Krystal’s key advice for anyone pursuing an internship is “to network”. If you’re lost, you can find your way in school sponsored internship programs and if it’s paid, then go for it. But don’t exclude anything! “Look into all opportunities. Just because it’s not your first choice, don’t exclude it,” she advises.

Outside of her summer internship, Krystal works a retail job at Trailblazer’s Mohegan Sun location and for three years attended Norwich’s Three Rivers Community College. Now, as a Business Administration (Human Resources) major at Eastern Connecticut State University, Krystal looks forward to graduating in September 2013. She plans on returning to Electric Boat in the Summer of 2013.

Story by Alexandra Remy

Sabastian Walsh

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Major: Business Administration

Internship Employer: First Investors, East Hartford

Internship Title: Entry Level Intern

Sebastian Walsh is currently partaking in an internship at First Investors in East Hartford. He is an Entry Level Intern, and performs tasks that are assigned to him by a sales representative. So far he has had to work in the mail room, licking and stamping envelopes. As time draws on, Sebastian will get to perform more important tasks, but he first has to pay his dues. Recently he was asked to read over a climate portfolio, and see how the investments the company was making were working out.

Sebastian has hopes of one day being a stock broker, and this internship will only help guide him in the right direction. He is learning a lot about how a business works at First Investors, and this is his first chance to work in a business office environment. This experience has taught him that it will take a lot of hard work to get the job of his dreams.

Sebastian heard about this internship opportunity through the Center for Internships and Career Development. He then applied, interviewed, and eventually got the job. His advice to other students looking to get an internship is to make sure you apply early. “Apply early. Don’t limit yourself to just one company.”

-Story by Dan Calzone

David Marceau

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Major: Business Administration

Internship Employer: Sherwin Williams

Internship Title: Entry Level Intern


In the summer of 2012 David Marceau got the chance to intern at Sherwin Williams. He was a member of a team of interns and worked on a project to improve “Lead Generation.” As part of his team, David had to present his research and findings to the president of sales. This was one of the most nerve racking experiences of his life but he passed the test with flying colors. After his groups presentation the president of sales commended them on their efforts. Aside from his work with a team, he also answered phones and dealt with customers.

“It was great to learn how to be a part of a bigger team, to collaborate with others to get the job done.” David got invaluable experience working with a team at Sherwin Williams. Even though this job didn’t directly correlate with his eventual career goals, he still learned many new things that will aid him in the future. “Overall it was a great experience for me.”

David learned about this internship opportunity through the Center for Internships and Career Development here at Eastern. His biggest piece of advice for those looking to follow in his footsteps and obtain an internship is to be actively engaged in the workplace. “Ask questions. No question is a stupid question. Put yourself out there. Experience it all while you have the chance.”

Story by Dan Calzone

Christopher Cayer

Internship Profile:

Christopher Cayer

Business Marketing Major

Class of 2012

Title: Marketing Intern

Employer: Connecticut Department of Agriculture

In the summer of 2012, Christopher Cayer worked as a marketing intern for the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. This job involved mailing farmers, updating the department website, tracking data for each farm, and entering grants into the company database.  He even got the chance to help organize a booth at the Big E.

                While working this internship, Christopher quickly realized how important it is to learn about a company from the bottom up if you want to be successful within it. It’s one thing to work an internship, but it’s another to go above and beyond the call of duty and absorb everything that is going on around you.  He also learned the importance of deadlines, and working diligently in a timely manner. He stressed how important it is to complete assignments quickly, correctly and thoughtfully.

                Having the opportunity to communicate with farmers helped Christopher become more familiar with customer relations.  It also made him realize what he truly wants to do going forward. This internship opened up his eyes to life working in the field, and it taught him that he prefers this type of work environment over an office setting. He plans to own his own business one day, and the skills he gained during this internship will hopefully help him one day reach that goal.

                Christopher’s biggest piece of advice to other students looking to partake in an internship is to make sure you enter it with an open mind. “Do something you’re not comfortable with and work outside your comfort zone. Work hard, learn as much as you can and make connections. This will help you grow in the future.”


-Dan Calzone

Lauren Finkbeiner

Thumbnail image for LaurenFinkbeiner.jpgFormer Career Services intern Lauren Finkbeiner recently hit the jackpot when receiving an internship at SCG Legal PR Network. This award winning network was created to connect law firms with national and international legal and non-legal media. Lauren’s tasks in the organization include handling the social media, such as their Twitter and blog, creating a bi-monthly newsletter, tracking legal requests and helping with data sales entry.

Having the opportunity to also intern with the Office of Career Services was a plus for Lauren. While interning, she was able to clearly recognize all of the support services that the career counselors had to offer, and also witnessed the success that came from working with them. Sure enough, Lauren also received guidance from a career counselor, just as she had seen so many other students do. She received help revising and constantly updating her résumé, as well as formatting and writing her reference list.

Lauren plans to graduate in spring 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Communication and a double minor in political science and business administration. After graduation, she hopes to get a job in New York City, where it is closer to her home in Long Island. In the meantime, however, she is sure to stay busy interning at SCG Legal PR Network and being Vice President of Eastern’s PRSSA.

Interview conducted by Career Services intern, Melissa Jalbert