Building Access

Electronic FOB Information

How it all works…

Card Services administers the ‘ONLINE‘ Electronic FOB access system on campus from the office to allow access to specific areas. To request permanent access to an area, an Electronic FOB Access Request Form is required which can be found under Forms in the Building Access dropdown list.FOB

Exceptions can be made for temporary access to areas if it is only for a few hours. If you are requesting temporary access to an area that is listed on the Electronic FOB Access Request Form email:

The Science Building has schedules associated with it so you may not need to request access. Please check the Science Building Schedule before requesting access to this building.

NOTE: There are two Electronic FOB access systems, the 2nd is an ‘OFFLINE‘ Electronic FOB access system (also referred to as ‘TRILOGY‘) which is administered by the Key Shop. The Trilogy Lock / Mechanical Key Request Form and instructions can be found under Forms in the Building Access dropdown list. Also, the Trilogy Lock schedules are found here: Trilogy Lock Door Schedules.  Both systems can utilize the same FOB. For administrative purposes, faculty and staff receive 1 FOB, students may receive 2 FOB’s, depending on where they are housed, see below.

Campus Door Access FOB

Students who live on campus will be given a Door Access Key FOB. In order toFob Access
enter the residence hall you live in on campus, present this Key FOB at the reader next to the main door like you see in the picture to the right. If you have access to the building, the door will unlock for a brief period of time.

Please note: If you live in Constitution, Laurel, Nutmeg or Occum Hall, you will receive a second FOB called a Trilogy FOB that will let you into your bedroom. If your FOB is lost, stolen or broken please contact your OA/RA for a replacement.

All other FOB replacements will be handled at the Card Services Office.