Transfer Students

Information for Transfer Students

Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Requirements

It is important that every transfer student focus on taking courses equivalent to Eastern’s Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Tier 1 Foundational category courses before transferring to Eastern. Doing so will help facilitate an on time graduation from Eastern. In addition, the completion of 15 or more LAC credits will waive students from Eastern’s LAC Tier 1 Health and Welness requirement. Equivalent courses to the following LAC Tier 1 categories should be taken before transferring. Equivalent Connecticut Community College courses are shown in parenthesis.

For a complete list of courses which satisfy Eastern’s LAC categories, please see the LAC Course List.

Tier 1 – College Writing (3 credits): The following courses will satisfy Eastern’s LAC T1W requirement. Equivalent Connecticut Community College courses are shown in parentheses.

• ENG 100P – College Writing Plus (ENG* 101 – Composition)
• ENG 100 – College Writing (ENG* 101 – Composition)
• ENG 200 – Reading and Writing Argument
• HON 200 – Expository Writing

Tier 1 – Mathematics (3 credits): The LAC T1M requirement is based upon an individual student’s math placement level. Equivalent Connecticut Community College courses are shown in parentheses.

• MAT 135 – Math for the Liberal Arts (MAT* 146 – Math for Liberal Arts)
• MAT 139 – Number Systems (MAT* 143 – Math for Elementary Ed. I)
• MAT 155 – Pre-calculus (MAT* 186 – Pre-calculus)
• MAT 243 – Calculus I (MAT* 254 – Calculus or MAT* 253 – Calculus for Technologies)

Transfer Students Pursuing a Second Bachelors Degree:

If any student has already completed a Bachelor’s degree at another institution and are pursing a second Bachelor’s Degree at Eastern, then that student is likely exempt from all Liberal Arts Core course requirements at Eastern. Students should speak with the Office of Admissions and the program coordinator of their desired major for more information.

Writing Program Requirements for Business Department Students:

All students must complete “Writing Enhanced” courses which satify Eastern’s Writing Program Requirements and their specific major’s requirements – this includes one (W1) course for all majors, one or two (W2) courses depending on a students majors and one (W3) course for all all majors. Alternatively, students that took one or more W2 courses at another institution can satisfy both the W2 and W3 requirements by taking: one W3 course in their major at ECSU and an additional W3 course offerd by Eastern Business Adminstration Department in their major/minor.

For more information about Writing Program Requirements and major specific writing enhanced courses please visit the English Departments Writing Program Requirements Page.

W1 Requirement: The W1 requirement is satisfied by completing or transferring in either ENG 100P, ENG 100, ENG 200 or HON 200.

W2 Requirment: The W2 requirement is satisfied by completing the following courses respective to a students major.

Accounting Majors – ACC 301 and ACC 311
Business Adminstration Major – BUS 201 and BUS 225
Business Information Systems Majors – BUS 201 and BUS 225
Finance Majors: – BUS 201 and BUS 225

W3 Requirement: The W3 requirement is satisfied by completing the following courses respective to a students major.

Accounting Majors – ACC 411
Business Adminstration Major – BUS 301 or BUS 365
Business Information Systems Majors – BIS 377 or BIS 461
Finance Majors: – BUS 301

If a student is transferring to Eastern with 75 or more credits, then they are waived from some of the Eastern Writing Program requirements such as takeing two W2 – Writing Enhanced
courses within a students major. Please contact the Writing Program faculty and staff at (860) 465-4639 for further information and verification of your individual remaining Writing Program requirements.

To schedule an appointment with the Eastern Writing Center click: Here. You may alternatively contact the Writing Center at (860) 465-0382, located in the Smith Library Room 107 (1st Floor).

(Note: Transferring to Eastern after completing 70 credits may delay your graduation due to long course prerequisite chains required in your major and/or minor)

All students transferring to Eastern regardless of the courses transferred must complete at least two LAC Tier 2 courses from differentTier 2 categories and the Tier 3 Capstone Independent Inquiry course at Eastern.

Transferring from a Connecticut College or University:

While attending a Connecticut Community College or another Connecticut university and planning to transfer to Eastern, a student should take the following steps:

  • Meet with Eastern Advising Center Staff when they visit your college or institution (Contact Eastern’s Advising Center at 860-465-4526 or advising@easternct.eduto obtain a schedule of upcoming visits to your community college or Connecticut institution by an Eastern representative.)
  • Consider taking part in the Connecticut State Compact Agreement for transfer credit. (contact the Advising Center at (860) 465-4526 be admitted to Eastern while still at the CT Community College)
  • Use the Eastern Admission Office’s Transfer Equivalence tool to verify that the courses you take at your other institution transfer in as specific Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Category course numbers or specific course numbers towards your major. (Take the courses that are equivalent to the approved LAC Tier 1 courses at your other institution.)

Important Transfer Credit Guidelines and Considerations:

  • Take courses that transfer in a specific courses that meet Eastern’s
    First Year Experience category requirements
  • Take courses that transfer in as specific basic Eastern courses with a specific course number
  • 15 credits or more waives you from Eastern’s First Year Experience requirement
  • LAC Health and Wellness Requirement and Waivers:
    • If you have a medical condition, you should contact Eastern’s Health Services: 860-465-5263.
    • Students entering Eastern with 60 or more transfer credits or an Associate’s degree are waived from Eastern’s Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Health and Wellness requirement.
    • Students with military experience, Please contact the Advising Center (Library 109) to possibly get waived from other requirements at 860-465-4526.
    • Courses taken at other institutions to satisfy Eastern’s Health and Wellness requirement must transfer in as Eastern’s HPE – 104 – Foundations for Health and Wellness.
  • Transferring General Education Courses and LAC Courses into Eastern:
    • If there is a specific course that you took at your other institution that you feel is equivalent of a course that satisfies an LAC Tier 1 or Tier 2 category, please contact the Advising Center if you did not receive Liberal Arts Core (LAC) transfer credit for the course so that you can start an LAC Transfer Credit Appeal.
  • Transferring Major or Minor Courses:
    • If there is a specific course that you took at your other institution that you feel is equivalent to a specific required course or elective course in your major or minor in the Department of Business Administration, please contact your Department of Business Administration faculty advisor so that you may start a Major Course Transfer Credit Appeal.
      Business Administration Majors remember that only one 3xx or 4xx Business elective course may be used to satisfy major requirements.From your other institution, you will need to supply a copy of the course’s catalog description and its syllabus as well as a copy of your transcript showing your grade for the course.
      (The transfer course in question must be evaluated by the corresponding course/subject area Eastern faculty instructor and department chair to determine if the course is equivalent and whether transfer credit should be granted.)

Major Course Sequence Chains:
The Accounting, Business Administration, Business Information Systems and Finance majors each have long prerequisite chains. Therefore, it is to a transfer student’s advantage to pay attention to taking fundamental courses in the areas of writing, mathematics, social sciences, information systems, and basic business prerequisites before transferring to Eastern to help facilitate graduating on time from Eastern.

The following charts for each major, display the last semester a student should consider taking courses in the respective major’s prerequisite chains if a student intends to graduate in four years being enrolled two semesters per academic year.

To be eligible for many high quality summer internships, students should strongly consider taking key courses before their senior year of college. Student should also consult with their faculty advisor or academic major/minor program coordinator as to which courses they should take early on. This will assist students in qualifying for selective high paying internships during their junior/senior year.