Business, BIS and Accounting Internships

Applications for Business and Accounting Internships are available in the Business Administration Department (Webb Hall 423).

To qualify for an internship, you must be a senior (90 credits or more) majoring in Business or Accounting and have a GPA of 2.7 or better. The following materials should be brought to the major’s internship coordinators [Prof. Sisco (Accounting) or Karen Crowly, University Assistant (Business) or Dr. Alex Citurs (Business Information Systems)]:

Materials Needed:

  • A completed internship application (obtained in department office Webb 423)
  • Professional Quality Resume
  • Unofficial copy of transcripts (Eastern of all other colleges and universities)
  • 250 word statement describing your career goals and interests

Please schedule an appointment with your major’s internship coordinator the semester prior to becoming a senior.

Accounting Major
Prof. William Sisco, (860) 465-5326

Business Major
Karen Crowley, University Assistant (Business), (860) 465-4627

Business Information Systems Major
Dr. Alex Citurs, (860) 465-0077

Internship Program and Options
A number of experiential learning work options are open to students pursuing majors in the Department of Business Administration. Please watch the following video as Karen Crowley [Business University Assistant-Internship Coordinator] explains internship and co-op work experience options available to department students.
Video: Internship Program and Options – Karen Crowley – Internship Coordinator

Contact Karen Crowley:, (860) 465-4627
Contact Prof. William Sisco:, 860-465-5326
Contact Dr. Alex Citurs:, 860-465-0077


Work Learning Experiences: Internships & Co-ops

Program Requirements:
A formally approved Internship or Co-op experience is required of all Business Administration major students and may be taken as electives by students majoring in Accounting or BIS. All incoming Eastern students starting under the LAC in Fall 2008 and more recent must have a internship or co-op that qualifies as a Liberal Arts Woks experience.


Business Administration Internship Position Option:
The Business Administration Major Internship program consists of students working a total of 224 hours (i.e. 16 hours/week for 14 weeks) during the course of a semester, summer, or interim break at an unpaid position in a career field that relates to their career goal objective. The Department of Business Administration works closely with local and regional businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies in lining up a number of different types of positions in a variety of organizations from which to interview and work.

The Business Administration Internship Program is administered by the Department of Business Administration [Webb Hall 423, University Assistant Karen Crowley, (860) 465-4627]. Please feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss any business internship program questions.

Co-op Option:
Paid work positions relating to students’ career objectives are formally called “co-op” positions, which are administrated by the Office of Career Services located in Wood Support Services Building [2nd Floor – Room 239;, (860) 465-4436].

If the paid “co-op” position is to be officially counted towards the Business Administration, Accounting or BIS majors, then close coordination and formal approval is required from the corresponding Department of Business Administration Internship Coordinator as well as that of the Office of Career Services. Feel free to contact the Department of Business Administration Office [Webb Hall 423 (860) 465-4627] with any co-op/internship coordination questions.

Note: Students minoring in BIS, Healthcare Informatics, or Social Informatics that engage in an information systems internship may do a BIS 490 internship and have it substituted as satisfying their major internship requirement such as BUS 490.

Is financial aid available?
The department administers several scholarships. Please see the department secretary.
Financial aid based on demonstrated need is available.

Forms may be obtained by writing:

Financial Aid Office
Eastern Connecticut State University
Wood Support Services Building-1st Floor
Willimantic, Connecticut 06226-2295
Phone: (860) 465-5205
Website: Financial Aid Website