Finance Major – Degree Requirements

Finance Major:
(BA) Degree Requirements

Related Course Requirements: 12 credits

ECO200Principles of MacroeconomicsNone
ECO201Principles of MicroeconomicsLAC - T1SS
BUS205Information ManagementLAC - T1M
ECO215Statistics for Business and EconomicsLAC - T1M

Related Business Courses: 21 credits

ACC201Principles of Accounting INone
ACC202Principles of Managerial AccountingACC 201
BUS201Principles of ManagementNone
BUS225Principles of MarketingENG 100, ECO 201 Recommended
BUS250Business Law INone
BUS260Operations ManagementMAT 216 or ECO 215 or Equivalent
BUS301Business EthicsACC 202, BUS 201, 225, 245, 260 and (ENG 100, 100P or 200)

Required Finance/Economics Courses: 24 credits

FIN245Business FinanceMAT 101, ACC 201, or Equivalent
ECO 325 Money and BankingECO 200 and ECO 201
FIN 346 Investment AnalysisBUS/FIN 245
FIN347Financial Institutions and MarketsBUS/FIN 245
FIN437International Financial Management BUS/FIN 245, FIN 347
FIN445Case Studies in Financial Management w/ Electronic SpreadsheetsBUS/FIN 245
FIN490Internship in FinanceSeniors Only & Permission

Finance Electives: 3 courses/9 credits

FIN348Personal Financial Planning None
FIN349 Real Estate Finance BUS/FIN 245
FIN438 Bank ManagementBUS/FIN 245, ECO 325 Recommended
FIN446Financial DerivativesBUS/FIN 346
FIN462Seminar in FinanceBUS/FIN 245

Transfer Policy

The Department of Business Administration extends a warm welcome to transfer students from within Connecticut, from other states, and from other countries. Check with one of our advisors on all transfer questions related to the major. Our departmental residency requirement is 24 credits.

Only one transferred course can be used to meet the Finance elective requirement for 3 credits.

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