File Extraction Software Instructions

File Extraction Software Instructions

Three common options exist for extracting the MSDNAA software installation files.

  1. Using WinZip
  2. Downloading free file extraction software
  3. Utilizing Windows – Decompression Tool
  1. Using WinZip
    The file you downloaded should be in the “Temp” folder, try to open the file that downloaded. If the file doesn’t open automatically the “WinZip” application should open up. If “WinZip” doesn’t automatically execute, right click the file and select open with, and select Winzip from the list of software applications. If Winzip isn’t appearing on your list you need to download a separate extraction program, “setup.exe”.
    If you have any trouble at all, please email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
  2. Free File Extraction Software Instructions
    These instructions are for downloading a free file extraction software program and installing the software needed for your Department of Business Administration courses.In order to view the files contained in the compressed file, you need file extraction software. For free software go to and download that program. Run the install and complete the program’s installation.

    1. Once at the “tucows” page, enter “Winace” in the search box and click the “go” button.
    2. From this page there should only be one result displayed, click on the program called “Winace”.
    3. Once you click to download the program your computer should prompt you to save the file to your computer or just run it.
      Selecting “Run” is demonstrated below.
    4. After you saved the download, install program to your computer’s “C Drive” or run it, the installation should pop up and it will ask you where to save the program. Make sure it’s set to “C:\program files\Winace” , then click “Next” and the program should install.
    5. After “WinAce” has been installed, go back to the folder containing the file you downloaded for your software, and right click on the file in it. Select “Open With” option.
    6. A listing of programs will appear that you can open the file with, go to “Browse”.
    7. At this screen you should be looking at your “Program Files” folder. Scroll over to the W’s and look for the folder called “WinAce” and open it.
    8. From this screen you should be in the “WinAce” folder, double click on the file called “winace.exe”
    9. Now you should be back at the “Open With” screen, select the file that says “WinAce Archiver v2.6″. The version number might be different but select that file and open it.
    10. Now you should see the program “WinAce” opened up with the compressed files listed inside. Before you do anything with those files, right click your desktop and select “New” and then “Folder”. Name this folder anything you want such as “MSDNAA Software”.
    11. With the new folder on your desktop, move the program Winace over so you can see both the program open and the new folder. Highlight all of the files (click and hold) and then click on one of them and drag them to your new folder.
    12. If the folder you dragged the files to isn’t opened, open it and you should see the files in the folder now. Double click on the file entitled “Setup.exe”.
    13. The installation should run. The program will prompt you to enter in your Product IDnow. Reference back to the website where you downloaded the program (the page I mentioned to keep open on “Step 7 of the Microsoft Installation Instructions”). The Product Key should be displayed. Highlight the key and right click and select “Copy”.
    14. Go back to the installation and paste the product key in the area or type it in. There should be a green check mark next to the key after you entered it, signaling that the key is correct. After this, the installation should go smoothly by following the instructions on the installation screens.
  3. Microsoft Windows Decompression Tool Instructions
    Instructions to come in the future.

If you have any trouble at all, please email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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