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Community College Program Mapping

Transfer Students Entering Eastern Department of Business Program Transfer Comparison Mappings & Common Options:
Eastern Connecticut State University’s Department of Business Administration welcomes transfer students. Department faculty advisors together with the Eastern Advising Center’s Student Development Specialists carefully evaluate college credit courses from other institutions to determine how those courses map into and satisfy both Eastern and department program requirements. Our goal is to strive to help students graduate on time.

Many transfer students entering Eastern Department of Business Administration bachelor degree programs have or are earning associate degrees at Connecticut community colleges. To help these students more efficiently transfer, the following list of links to plans of study option mappings are intended to help students:

  1. Effectively utilize their time at a Connecticut community college.
  2. Easily transfer to the Eastern Department of Business Administration programs.
  3. Ideally facilitate graduating four years after high school with an Eastern bachelor degree.

Many additional transfer paths are possible. However, those linked to below are a few of the more common Connecticut Community College to Eastern business program options mappings. The lists of program mapping links are organized by both Eastern Department of Business Administration major programs and by Community College names.

Note: More transfer academic path option mappings are being added.


  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Business Information Systems
  • Healthcare Informatics Program (minor)

Common Board of Regents Business Articulation Program

Business Administration Major

Community Colleges