Business Information Systems Major

Major in Business Information Systems
2015 BIS Senior Seminar with Dr. Petkov
BIS 461 - Seminar in Information Systems and Business Strategy (Section 2)
Upsilon Pi Epsilon
National Honor Society in Computing Science
AITP - 3rd Place Award
National Database Driven Website Competition (Omaha, NE)
Dr. Steve Glynn (Senior User Experience Engineer from Timex)
Speaking about Human Computer Interfaces and Information Systems
AITP - 1st Place Award
National Database Driven Website Competition
Cigna Information Session
Representatives Speak to Students about Career & Internship Opportunities
(AITP) Assosiation of Information Technology Professionals
Work Session - National Database Driven Website Project Team


Eastern Connecticut State University introduced in August 2003 an undergraduate program in Business Information Systems (BIS). This program will address a surging demand for applied business information systems graduates with broad business and liberal arts backgrounds and a thorough understanding of information systems and applied technologies.

The Business Information Systems major goes beyond the usual study of management information systems to emphasize E-business, enterprise resource planning, data analysis and transaction processing, using web technology. It focuses on an understanding of how information systems should be administered and how they can be used to improve the performance of organizations. The BIS program incorporates the fundamentals of organizational management, business concepts, data analysis and of information technologies. The principal theme of the BIS major is the development of business and organizational strategies, and interpersonal communication structures that truly reflect the revolution in telecommunications and integration of organizational information systems. The underlying objective is to provide a basis for life-long learning in a diverse world and effective understandings of social and technological change.

The BIS program prepares students for a wide range of career paths in both business management as well as specialized information systems and technology positions. The BIS core, required of all students, includes a comprehensive set of basic business and information technology requirements. Beyond that, it includes the study of organization behaviour in the presence of the new technologies, effectively leveraging business structures and information systems, and a capstone seminar on information systems and business strategies.

Requirements and Resources

Program Admission

Program Coordinator

Dr. Alex Citurs
Webb Hall – Office 337
(860) 465-4469

Major Declaration

Students may declare a major in Business Information Systems at any time and be assigned a Business Information Systems Program faculty adviser.

Current Eastern students changing their major to Business Information Systems should print and complete the Change of Major Form and submit the form in person to:

Karen Krowley
Department of Business Administration Internship Coordinator
Webb Hall 423
(860) 465-4627

Minimum GPA

The minimum GPA Required to declare a major in Business Information Systems is 2.5. If your cumulative GPA falls below 2.5 for two consecutive semesters, you will be dismissed from the program.

Students dismissed from the major may re-declare the major once their GPA is above 2.5 again.

Major Capstone Course

The Capstone Course within the Business Information Systems Major is BIS 461 – Seminar on IS and Business Strategies. Before enrolling in BIS 461, students must successfully complete BIS 370 – Systems Analysis & Design in addition to being Senior Standing (90+ Credits).

The LAC Tier-3 Course within the Business Information Systems Major is BIS 377 – Organizational Website & Database Management. Before enrolling in BIS 377, students must successfully complete BUS 201 – Principles of Management and BUS 225 – Principles of Marketing. In addition, it is strongly recommended that students complete BIS 370 – Systems Anlysis & Design before registering for BIS 377.

Transfer Students

The Department of Business Administration and the BIS Program extends a warm welcome to transfer students from within Connecticut, from other states, and from other countries. Check with one of our Business Information Systems faculty advisors on all transfer questions related to this major. Students must take 24 credits of courses in the BIS major at Eastern and a minimum of 30 credits at Eastern to earn a degree in Business Information Systems at ECSU.