Business Info Booklet

Department of Business Administration Booklet

This is the current version of the Business Administraition booklet for prospective and current students. The booklet contains information regarding major/minor opportunities, advising, and internships/professional involvment.

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Date Modified

Cover page
Welcome page11/08/2011
Educational Options10/13/2014
(ACC) Accounting Major Worksheet10/13/2014
(BUS) Business Administration Major Worksheet 10/13/2014
(BIS) Business Information Systems Major Worksheet10/13/2014
(FIN) Finance Major Worksheet10/13/2014
(LHR) Labor Relations & Human Resource Management Major Worksheet10/13/2014
(BIS) Business Administration Minor
(BIS) Business Information Systems Minor10/8/2013
(SI) Social Informatics Minor4/23/2010
(HIM) Healthcare Informatics Minor10/13/2014
Advising FAQ's4/30/2012
International Perspecitives Requirements7/24/2012
Acedemic Progress Slides4/30/2012
Work Experience Options5/01/2012
Internship Summary5/01/2012
Transfer Students5/01/2012
Professional Involvement10/13/2014
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